Feel Free

Posted: February 21, 2012 in My Silly thoughts
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Its one month and I am still warming up the bench. Imagine Wooden bench which reminds you every minute that you are standing at the gun point. You meet your ex-team member in lift and all she asks you is “which project” and all you will  say  “I am on bench”. 20 pair of eyes rest on you and their mind says “now I know why she rots in cafeteria all the time”. I am tired, deadly tired answering why I am on bench,why I am single and why I stay alone.

As I was going through some document my jiju pops out in Gmail and says “congrats”. I said “why? What happened?” hoping his answer would be”your article published in Daijiworld”. Then he says “you got niece and nephew”. I was shocked when the answer which didn’t match with the answer which I was expecting. I said “who is pregnant now? Your wife? Or bros wife?” I was imagining all possible scenarios but none made sense. Then my jiju said “Taqui delivered 4 puppies”. I was like “when she was pregnant?” Next moment I called my mom who explained me the whole story. She was pregnant with Roy’s puppies. I never mentioned Roy because I hate him because he never listens to me. Now taqui hates RUM (my sweetheart) because he hates puppies. Taqui is not allowing anyone to come near her other than my mom. At the end of the story my mom said “when you are coming to see the puppies?” I said “come on Flo(her nick name), are you kidding me”. She said “After all you will be the one to find the owner for them right.”

Darn!!!! Who says I am on bench……Finally i got to do something .Anybody who wants puppies let me know. Puppies will be free because they mom is Labrador and Doberman cross and dad is country!!!!!. Feel free to drop a mail

  1. I like this – ” I am tired, deadly tired answering why I am on bench,why I am single and why I stay alone.” Make a copyright of that sentence, otherwise will see it in a movie in near future


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