Go Blue……..

Posted: February 22, 2012 in My Silly thoughts
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Most of the Indians follow the policy “Eat-pee-sleep-drink-puke-CRICKET”. If the blue guys get down into the field with their striking bat and sexy gloves people go crazy to see their magic. Few die-hard fans sacrifice their studies, few their sleep and few their work. While Indian fans wear blue top to bottom, hold Indian flag and shout from their top of their voice boost up “Men-in-blue’s energy, Australian fan wear minimum clothes, draw kangaroo on their bare back, draw few stars here and sit and watch. I do agree when I see the yellow color all I can remember is jaundice. No offense guys. I agree that Australian cricket team is one of the best cricket team in the world.But when the fight is between India and Australia cricket team I cant stop myself falling for Men-in-Blue. After all blue is my second favorite color.

Like other Indians I am not Cricket fan. In my home all are Cricket fan other than me. Other day my sis said “I wonder how you’re born in our family? You are the only one who doesn’t watch Cricket. May be mom must have eaten something when she was pregnant”. I don’t watch cricket .When I was small I watched few matches. Later I lost the interest. Sometimes when I am forced to watch it because of my dad, I use to enjoy the “Pepsi adds”. My dad is almost 65+ and he sits till midnight to watch the cricket. I never understand what happiness people find in cricket. No babes, no romance but still people watch without missing a thing.

When I was small I had crush on Brett Lee. His cute little dimple made me crazy. When I realized $10000000 gals are in the queue I stopped admiring him. There’s Srilankan bowler. Malinga, whenever I see him all I can remember is sheep. Sometimes I love watching what bowlers do. Take the cricket ball, add bit spit to it, rub it on your bum, and then look at the ball and then bats man as if he gonna kill him. Wow that’s a cutest thing to watch on TV. I don’t know which is cute….spitting or rubbing the ball on bum. Sometimes bats man stare the bowler as if he gonna open bowler brain with his bat. Forgot to mention about white hand kerchief which they stuck it to their pants like fishmonger’s money bag. Heated up argument, Hindi slangs(theri…ki), 4th umpire sorry 3rd umpire, Indian dressing room where crickets expose their legs, Few babes waving to camera, few dropped catch , Sanjay Manjrekar’s commentary definitely add flavor.

If you are not a cricket fan then go back to sleep. Else dude time to jumble up because men in blue are all set to rock and roll( according to my resources)

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