Recently I realized sometimes we have to go through embarrassing moments. Trust me sometimes you wanna kill yourself at that moment.

In Conference room you are discussing something serious matter with your team. Meeting ends and you started walking towards your cabin. As the undies got stuck between your bum you want to pull it out immediately. Now don’t tell you never did this. Whatever, you don’t have time or patience to go to wash room. You look around and when you feel nobody is looking at you, slowly with your right hand you pull your undies and exact that moment you are colleague catches you red hand.

You are in shopping mall happily shopping. Mosquito bites at the wrong place and you want to scratch it. You pretend to be interested in some clothes while your mind plans how to proceed with “scratching” mission. When you feel nobody is looking at you, you scratch the wrong place. Your bad luck sales gal sees your secret action

You are stuck in a signal with your wife. Sexy lady who is blessed with good assets crosses the road. Instead of seeing her face you see her assets and smile to yourself. After a second you look at your wife who from few minutes was watching you.

You enter the wash room in a hurry. You close the door and start pooping with background sound. You whistle thinking you are only one in the entire washroom. When you come out office boy will be staring at you.

You have a 3 year old kid. Who talks fluently in her mother-tongue. One Saturday you are in mass with her. Suddenly she lifts her frock and says “mommy today I didn’t wear my undies”.

You are 40 year old and you are working in IT. One day in break time you are playing TT with your friends. The guy in opposite side calls you aside and tells in your ear “dude, you forgot about the zip”.

You are a 23 year college going student. One fine day you wore salwar and left for college. At the end of the day while you are waiting for bus in bus stop suddenly your salwar pant falls. All eyes turns in your side(happened with many)

Son is 26. He had bath, washed undies and left the water which you used to rinse there in the bucket. After a while 50 years old dad comes to the bath room. Without switching on the light he sprinkles the water on his face and ga-gals. When he feels something is wrong. He on the light and sees the soapy water. When he was doing this, younger daughter was standing and was watching him.

You are married and staying with your wife in Banglore in a flat. In next flat you have your colleague who stays with his wife. One fine morning you start talking to your wife with your back to main door which is open. “Darling have you even see Anoops wifes undies. They seem pretty large. May be XL”.  When you turn you will be horrified to see Anoop at the main door.

You are staying in typical Mangalorean house. Bath room is exactly opposite to your main entrance of your house. You are having bath. Closing your eyes you try to remember a song. Suddenly your Doberman dog jumps on the door. Old door gives up. You will freeze there soap in one hand, water mug in other, without clothes like a Greek god while your neighbor absorbs every inch of you.

You are a lady and walking in forest way. Suddenly you get a nature call. You see this side and that side and sit in one place. As soon as you start watering the forest grass somebody comes in that way and sees you.

This is true incident. My house is very interior, almost middle of the jungle. Once my sis and jiju went for a walk in the morning. While they were walking my sis observed some moment behind a bush. As most of the couples come to jungle for privacy we are very alert about that. Whenever we see them we inform dad and he will chase them with his air-gun. As soon as my sis saw the moment she told my jiju “somebody is there behind the bush. You wait here, ill go and see”. As she started walking my jiju said “why you poke your nose in others business, come back”. My sis continued walking. When she reached the bush she waited for the right moment. When she thought she cant wait anymore she just peeped. To her wonder our neighbor was pooping there. For a moment they saw each other. When she realized she poked her nose in pooping business she started to run.

We have washing stone behind our house. When I was in 10th my sister used to wash our clothes. One day she had put all clothes outside to soak in water. For a moment nobody was there outside. Dad started yelling “For god sake somebody catch Ancy she is running around with some body’s bra in her mouth”.

It was long back when my bro was 28. He was about to go for bath and had wrapped a bath towel around his lower half. Suddenly he got a call, so he sat on the step near the entrance and started talking. I was just passing by that way when I saw his undies. I said “You guys don’t know how to sit, for god sake close your color tv”.

We all have embarrassing moments in our life. We can never forget the,. Whenever we remember about it we say “still its embarrassing”

  1. DoesItmatter says:

    Awesum …. Very true …. If any1 denies this moment then they lying for Sure 🙂


  2. lml says:

    Need to check with ur sis …..i just cant stop laughing at it


  3. swathi says:

    ha ha ha… 🙂


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