Every process has a life cycle like software development life cycle (SDLC). If you don’t know SDLC then never even bother to Google it. Trust me it sucks big time. Today lets focus sun light on “Love Life cycle(LLC)”. Try to Google it but Google will disappoint you. But why fear when SnL is here.

1. View

One ugly day you see a wonderful female/male creature belonging to human species. You literally fall in love yeah love. Your heart beats fast, mind goes blank, legs go week and slightly you shiver. Mind goes in the direction which your heart says. You think only and only about him/her. You smile whole day, see yourself in mirror 100 times as if your beauty gonna increase, you start singing a romantic bollyhood song. You see you and him/her in a romantic movie with happy ending. You wanna know more about him/her, talk to her/him, want her phone number, home address. You talk only about them and bore your friends. If your friend says “he looked like a goon”. You will say “come on, don’t be rude he cant even harm a insect”. Before even talking to him/her he have good opinion about him/her. Boy you are madly in love with her/him.

2. Plan

You plan how to impress him/her. Your taste, liking doesn’t matter anymore. All you want is him/her to see you, talk to you. You will try all possible ways to get close to her/him. Some will be having strategy. They send roses with message “yours and only yours” without a name for a week. This makes gal/guy to think about the rose guy/gal. Its kinds slow poison. Some pester the gal/guy to talk to them or date them. Some use new tactic’s to get close to them

3.  Execution.

Your plan works and now you are dating the gal/guy. You eat, talk, and roam hand in hand or in bike. You walk in college corridor together putting a spectacular view for college students. Exchange gifts, hugs and whatever. You start dreaming about marrying that guy/gal. To be honest everything looks colorful. Dude you feel you are the luckiest person in the world.

But I tell you, It’s the day when you become puppet, you lose your self-respect. Literally you become slave. You agree whatever he/she says. It’s the day when you lose your freedom. You ignore the problems. In this process you will come to know the real beauty of him/her. You will feel that there’s a beast hiding behind that external beauty

4. Analysis

One fine morning while walking your dog you think about your relation. You see his/her smiling face, Bills you paid, her/his bad attitude, first fight and finally you see yourself in your dog. You fell relation had been a pain in ass. You stare at your dog for a while with pity. When you realize that you decide to chase the person who made you dog from your life forever.

Again you start planning. You reduce calling him/her, make some excuses meet him/her and finally face to face you say “I wanna break up”.

You throw the letters, cards given by her/him to dustbin. Give the teddy bear to your maid’s kids. You pick the clothes gifted by him/her to throw. But when you see the brand name you keep it back and say “Its ok to keep clothes”.

5. Maintenance

Its almost a week after break up. You try to be cool in college. You see to that you never interact with her/him directly or indirectly. You spend most of your time with your buddies and at home.

When finally you feel you want your normal life back, you ignore her/him whenever you encounter her. One fine day when you realize her/his friend is better than him/her you directly go to her and say “I cant play this cat and mouse game anymore”. You extend your hand and say “FRIENDS?” If you are lucky you will be friends or else remain enemies forever.


The process continues. Some people find true love and some fake. Some gets tired of paying bills and some tired of listening to bullshit. Whatever the main things which gets affected are your heart, ego and obviously valet.

Please Note: this life cycle doesn’t hold good for the couples which are made for each other.




  1. shilpa says:

    Congrats babes!!! when u type ‘LLCycle’ in the google search box, your blog shows up in the 6th place of the search result.. wt an achievement!! Way to gooooo


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