Its good to have GOOD ROOMMATE

Posted: February 27, 2012 in My Silly thoughts
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If you are alone, bored and feel lonely then here’s tip for you. Put your forefinger in nutella, dip it thoroughly and then lick it. Tastes sexy…..,you will feel great.  Trust me that’s what I keep on doing these days and I feel great actually awesome.

There are few drawbacks of staying alone without a roommate

  1. You didn’t have bath and next day morning you are getting ready. You have to spray all around you, inhale it and ask the mirror “do I stink?”
  2. This happened with me all the time. I wear white slawar pant  and check in mirror whether my undies can be seen. You see most of the guys keep on seeing gals lower half when they were white pant. Guys really got nerves
  3. You have to fart and keep quiet. If you have partner then you can fart near her/his face and say “guess which fragrance……potato????dal???”.
  4. You have to poke your nose inside your rotten shoes to check whether they are stinking. If you have roommate just keep the shoe near her/his nose, his /her nose will tell you all.
  5. Nobody will ever full your top or inform you when your waistband is saying hello to everyone. If you have roommate she/he will whisper in your ears “Jockey looks pretty cool”.
  6. You have to depend on your own decision. Damn difficult job and I always hate it.
  7. Cant gossip about your classmate who removed your name from their friendliest and lecturers. How I miss it.
  8. Guys have to booze/fag alone. When they see a chick they have to keep their opinion to their self.
  9. You wont be having a listener when you want to scold your boss behind his back.
  10. You wont get any help to select one proposal out of 10. Don’t scratch your ass and say “that aunty got 10 proposal!!!!!

List goes on, there are many problems which you have to go through if you don’t have a roommate. Roommate can be your wife, husband, friends , sister, brother or parents. You see sometimes roommates are really handy

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