RF Brothers.

Posted: February 27, 2012 in My Silly thoughts
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As it was Sunday I got ready for mass. I had decided to talk to those RF bro’s. I consulted this matter with in-experienced cousin who is trying to concentrate on his goal, which is to marry a Fringy. I said “should I talk to them?”. He said “go head, ask them out. If you don’t like the elder one try younger one.  No guy will ever say “NO”. You see its bad manners”. I asked him “did anyone ask you out or did you ask anyone out?” He chuckled and said “never in my life time”. I said “ohh man, you are unfit to be my guru!!”.

I had planned how to talk to those Rf brothers.

One scenario: Introduce yourself and say “must say you got lovely bike and cute bro”. The guy will be definitely will be confused. Is she eyeing on me or my bro?

Second scenario: Introduce yourself and say “your yellow striped shirt is cool, just wanted to know from where you purchased. You see my bro loves yellow”, which is a big lie. You see my bro cant stand yellow

Third scenario: Introduce yourself and say “would you like to have a zinger burger with me in KFC?” As I can’t drink coffee I can’t ask them out for coffee.

Fourth Scenario: Introduce yourself. Guy starts staring at me. I forget my well practiced dialogues and stammer and say “cannnnn……..i….. cofffe…with …” and before I complete I sentence I run from there without looking back.

Fourth scenario terrified me. As I was getting ready for mass I was wondering which scenario to implement. I looked myself in mirror. Scar made my cat was mocking at me. I asked myself “am in love with the guy or bike?” or “really I am in love?” I came to reality when loly said “babes, getting late”.

When I reached church I realized one thing. I was in love with RF but not its rider. I winked the RF posing in the parking lot. I slowly whistled “every night in my dreams” and climbed the steps. Oh yeah I am never gonna ask any guy out because he has a sexy bike. After all I am independent, dignified lady as per PU’s definition.

Sad part: As My love story didn’t take U-turn as expected there won’t be any more parts of “RF brothers”. Whatever it is I had huge crush on RF rider in yellow and black stripes.

May be continued……….(you see still i have HOPE)….

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