You will FEEL great….TRUST me!!!!

Posted: February 28, 2012 in My Silly thoughts

As office cafeteria is on terrace I was standing there and watching all fancy building around. I thought if I wanna commit suicide I will choose the office terrace. Just imagine jumping from 8th floor. Floating like feeling, cool breeze warm up our body. When our body hit the ground “thuddd” everything will be smashed, blood will be everywhere.  Last part terrifies me. Its my policy when you die you should look great, neatly combed hair, ironed clothes and nicely shaped eyebrows.

I felt I should write inspiring article for those who feel low and lonely

  1. Sit on the park and observe people even though you don’t want to just observe them. When you feel like running away from there go and have tender coconut outside the park. After having tender coconut come back to the park and start walking. After 15 minutes your bladder will give first call. Curse the bladder and continue walking till bladder gives the final call.
  2. If you have a two wheeler go for a long ride. Don’t go in noon, sun will affect your skin and you will hate yourself next day. Evening 3 is the best time to start your ride. Select a place which is filled with trees, plants. See the nature and admire the beauty. When you get nature call, attend the nature call in the nature. Be careful of snakes and human beings Once in a while smile to the overtaking dudes/babes in their bikes/scooty.
  3. Watch movies continuously for 5 to 8 hours. Order pizza and coke. Continue watching movie for another 4 hours. When you feel you cant take it anymore go to temple or church. Try to establish connection with god. If you cant concentrate admire the chicks/dude coming there to pray.
  4. Go for shopping alone. When group friends stare at you, stare them back with attitude even you feel low. Pick whatever you liked. No matter the clothes you picked are damn expensive. Whats there in trying them out. Try everything you picked. Admire yourself in the mirror and then dump few things in basket kept outside the trail room and say “fittings are so bad”. Continue admiring the clothes and again pick whatever you like. This time go to another trail room. After trying out dump everything kept outside the trail room
  5.  If you want to talk to someone and no one is around then write what you feel in a book. Pen down everything. Who made you cry, whom you wanna make cry, whom you wanna marry…..bla bla. Write every minute thing like you messaged someone, you got a call, you got nature call. Read that book after 3 days I bet you will laugh reading what you have written. After you finished reading tear the pages are throw into dustbin. I have tried this scenario many times it helps.
  6. Sleep whole day and night. IF still you feel low continue sleeping. When finally you feel tired of warming the bed go to market get some ice cream, magzines, fruits. Its time to cuddle yourself. Buy whatever you want which you never bought. Come to your house play your favorite music and start eating everything. Put two scoop of ice cream to a bowl, dress it with fruits and admire its beauty. You will feel great.
  7. If you have a dog then give him nice bath. Talk to him, scold whoever is responsible for your situation. Dogs are good listener. Cry if you want to cry. If you feel very lonely then hug your dog and say “only you love me baby”. The dog will wag his tail saying “not I love you but saying cuddle me more”. You will feel great.
  8. If somebody passed away whom you loved the most then see their clothes in cupboard, touch them, feel them, wear them if you want to. Watch their pics, talk to their pics, cry if you want to. Tell the pic whatever you want to. You will feel great.

These are few scenarios you can try out. After trying out you will feel great and awesome. Try it only once or twice. If you continue doing them regularly then dude people will call you “PSYCHO”. So be careful

  1. […] You will FEEL great….TRUST me!!!! […]


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