here comes the SUMMER

Posted: February 29, 2012 in My Silly thoughts
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As the cold breeze disappears with hot sunny rays, sweaters are replaced by cotton clothes I am worried about summer in Bangalore, a place where everything is based on money. Literally I hate this city.

I still remember the day when “Boxer hero” said “there’s no water, go to your friend’s house or do whatever”. Chick got angry and had blasted him. After listening to Chick, “Boxer hero” gave one bucket of water which was not even sufficient to wash our b.. . At 8.30 night we went to get bisleri water, not to drink but to clean ourselves. Damn. In Mangalore neighbors come to our house to take water and we don’t even charge them a penny. In reality city life sucks. Many times it happened with me. While having bath suddenly water stops and then “boxer hero” comes down from his den and says “be careful while using water”. When water bill comes I just wonder how I can use so much water. Other day I was watching movie in my laptop when I heard some sound in the bath room. When I went out “boxer hero “was flicking water from my bucket. I thought every dog has its own day.

In between the cat (browny) became my friend. I feed him and play with him. Damn he is so cute. Even though I wanna spank him, when he sees me with those eyes I melt like ice cream. He sits on my bed watch my every moment. There’s a funny story behind his name. They named the cat “browny” thinking cat is she. Later cat expert who stays in next room said cat is a he. I do mistake sometimes calling him as her. You see its hard to digest the fact that even male cats can be cute and sweet. Whenever she sorry he tries to rub himself to me I get goose bumps. As my nose already is scared by cat I don’t wanna one more scar which reminds me about the cat every single minute

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