Posted: March 1, 2012 in My Silly thoughts
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Yesterday I was feeling bit low and sad. So thought I will implement my own tips which I mentioned in Trust me they all suck big time. I felt sometimes 2 shots of distilled sprite with apple flavor vodka or concentrated Tequila or Bacardi lime flavored Rum keeps you going. Don’t worry yesterday I had only concentrated water.

What is this booze? Booze is a liquid which has the capacity to ruin you from inside and outside. Inside includes organs, senses, soul, mind, heart and outside includes body parts, clothes, character, and relations. So you have to be careful while experimenting with it. Some people booze when they are lonely and low, some booze when their dear one passed away, some booze by habit like drunkards, Some booze when their face failure in their love life, some booze because it’s party time, some booze when they have financial problem, some take a sip of brandy because they have cold, some booze because its weekend or new year…… bla bla. Booze has alias name which is “Satan’s urine”(SU). Don’t get me wrong when I attended a retreat priest who was preaching called the alcohol as “Satan’s urine”.  Once when my friends were having beer, they offered me. I said “I hate it, its Satan’s urine”. They all laughed. After couple of months they offered again they offered me some. I took a sip and I said “Satan’s urine taste bad”. As time passed my friends used to remind me “what you are drinking is Satan’s urine”. I used to laugh and say “I need to attend one more retreat to remember that”.

When you drink Satan’s urine, it kills the functioning of all organs gradually.  As a side effect some dance, sing, laugh, talk, puke and some murder someone. As the senses will be snoring you wont be aware of what’s wrong and what’s right. When you wake up next morning with your neighbors’ wife in your friend’s house and your head will try to recall the incidents. Due to the network problem pictures wont be clear. Your pounding head, messy surroundings, scars on your body,horse like heart beat will show a trailer slowly. And you hate it right from the beginning. As I said one drop of Satan’s urine is enough to ruin everything.

So it’s in your hand to decide whether not to have SU  and be with your wife or have SU and be with someone else’ wife. You see SU is damn dangerous

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