SPECIAL special….Its women’s day special!!!!!

Posted: March 7, 2012 in My Silly thoughts
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My bro had bought APPLE i-pod for me. Let me be clear again he just bought it for me but he never gave it to me. One day I stamped on his tail which made him angry. That day he decided he never gonna give that i-pod to his baby sister. I literally begged him like  a beggar but he didn’t melt. If my sister would have been in that place she would spanked my ass for my mistake and given the pod. You see women are always forgiving. I wonder what my bro will do when he reads this blog. I am gonna be a dead meat!!!!!!

As the world is celebrating the women’s day let me do my SnL study on women.

As Mommy

Mommy and daddy be naughty when light goes off. As a result mommy gets pregnant. Why god didn’t make daddy pregnant? Why this injustice lord? Mommy doesn’t even bother when people comment on her bulging stomach and body. She touches her tummy and says “everything for you my baby”. She never complains about the  weight she is carrying.

 Hats off to you mommy .

As Sister

I always loved my sister. Even I beat her and scratch her with my nails like a wild cat she never says anything. I just cant understand why sisters are so caring and forgiving. They wash our clothes, feed us, buy us expensive gifts, listen to our problem, give a solution, and hide our little secrets like boozing, crush, fights from parents.

I wouldn’t mind having one more sister. As my mom and dad are old  I have to be happy with my niece

As friend

They listen to every cock-bull-shit story.  Damn they never get tired. They even help us in getting our secret crush’s number. They know us better than anyone. They are like scanners. One look at us and they know what’s there in our mind.

Love you all my G-friends.

As gal friend

They allow their boyfriend to keep their head on their shoulderand sleep for a while. By holding the guys hand and touching his back they cool his anger from 100 degree to 0 degree. They lie to their parents for the guy’s sake. They pamper the guy with lovely words, sentimental touch and mind blowing kiss. Last part I am not sure as I never had a bf. They tell 101 times that how much they love the guy. By sitting in the bike with guy they double the beauty of the bike.

Lucky are those with sensible GF’s

As wife

They leave their parents, siblings, dogs, room ,  favorite blanket, in one word everything and go to husbands house. They never even utter a word when they cant bear monster-in-laws melodrama. They spend most of their time in kitchen cooking for morons. I hate this part as soon I am gonna be the victim of kitchen. When wife comes to bed dead tired her husband will be on bed smiling, with full energy. Well you know what happens next.

without women men are incomplete

If you a guy then make this day special and wish all women you know. Buy them a card, gift. Even a call or message makes a difference. So don’t miss it

.If you are a woman then lady be happy because world is alive because of you.

I might get few calls and messages saying “happy women’s day SnL”.  If anybody is planning to buy a gift for me then here is the tip “ dude I need a cell badly”. My fingers are crossed:)



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