Red,green,pink…oopsie somany colors

Posted: March 12, 2012 in My Silly thoughts
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As I got training till next Friday I rarely get time to write blog. Training sucks big time trust me. Most of the time I will be eating trainers head and rest of the time he will be eating my head.

As the guys show no interest to date me,  I roam only with gals. Most of the time people misunderstood me and my female pal as ….well you know. Pu and me decided to go out on Saturday. As she was having brunch with one of her RF friend she told me to come at 3 to Commercial Street. She said “There is Lovable sale, come fast”. If you don’t know what loveable stands for then dude you need to update your DB. I was waiting outside the complex where there was this 60% sale. As I entered the complex with Pu, we almost fainted. Girl’s gals everywhere, kids, teenagers, married women, oldies. All were busy exploring the pattern, color and design and occupying the counters which had what these ladies wanted. As we entered we were confused. We took a walk around the counters. I was amazed to see a man selecting lacy materials. He had plenty of them. Green, pink, red, white, black. Even he wouldn’t have selected so many pieces for himself

As we came to know which category we fall, we pushed few ladies aside and started checking out the patterns.  I was wondering who the first person to find out the most amazing cloth with 2 straps. Hats off to you dude!!!!All women will be in your debut for your invention. Printed Blue, flowery pink, seducing maroon….Ohh man those colors were awesome. I irritated the sales gal to the core showing the pieces and asking different colors and size. When Pu couldn’t take it anymore she said “if you don’t keep quiet then she will surely throw you outside. If not I will. So better keep your F567ing mouth shut. As I closed my mouth Pu started exploring something else. She used to call me from other end “SnL , Snl check this, this is damn cute”. Oh man she has a lovely collection. Even the stamp collector wont be having such a wonderful collection. When she picked few pieces I said “Surely again you gonna lose all those”. She said “shut up boyo,(the word she copied from LA confidential) This time I am gonna take good care of my collection. I thought Pu really got weirdest collection habit.

As I was killing the mosquitos in the training I asked Pu what she is doing. She said “boyo, I am feeling great, awesome, gorgeous……”.  I just smiled because I knew the reason for her happiness.

  1. Drama hater says:

    You are a jackass punko.
    Why don you put the size too.


  2. Drama hater says:

    Maybe a few pics would ‘enhance’ the blog


  3. Shilpa says:

    Is the sale still on?


  4. dOEs iT mATTEr says:

    When i saw the subject , i assumed that the blog would be related to Holi . I was so very wrong 🙂


  5. sylvia says:

    twist bro…twist


  6. dOEs iT mATTEr says:

    🙂 No more comments 🙂


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