Myths and Facts

Posted: March 14, 2012 in My Silly thoughts

I just wonder why always I get weirdest topic to write. May be god wants me to write something cool.

Myths and facts

  1. If you get “looks like loose motion” after having burger then chillax. Usually burger makes your drainage active , moves with super nova energy and finally blast like a cracker
  2. When a young female lecturer is writing on the board she thinks 50% of the students observe what she is writing. Actually 75% of the students will be busy admiring her beauty and designs on her back. 15% of the students try to find the flaws, 5% will say to themselves “honey pie you are out of my league” while remaining 5% who sits in front row will cross their finger and pray to god “let her stumble on the flat form and fall”. Sorry mam nobody observes the black board
  3. Due to legacy or heat few guys unbutton their top few button. But in reality unbuttoned-top- buttons say “even we got but they are barely seen”
  4. People think all Cleave ages are admirable. Cleve age which indicates there’s a small hole which is the exit point for the waste is hated by most of the people. Trust me its looks really yak.
  5. Lovers think in the lip locking kiss they tell how they feel. But boy it doesn’t look like that.  It’s actually a bridge established between two mouths which help in exchanging the saliva.
  6. The only place where we feel relaxed is our bed room. No its our T-O-I-L-E-T. According to me it’s the best place where you feel relaxed. Rhythm tic sound of the water, unloading the heavy burden and then a smile which says “I am back in eating business”.
  7. Indians use water to wash their bum. Well when you have spicy food you cant expect the poor tissue to clean the tiny tiny chilly seeds
  8. People think guys hate to wear flowery briefs. Actually they love to wear briefs printed with flowers, tweety, micky. Just wondering which brand will take the initiative to manufacture first flowery briefs for men.


As its 11.30 and I am tired of scratching my ass sorry brain for more points I am winding up here. Hope you scratched your brain twice to understand the twisted points

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