25!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Holy Cow Dung

Posted: March 20, 2012 in Gallery
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Few years ago I met one cute, nice, pretty human creature. When I saw those innocent eyes, enchanting smile I literally fell in love. Tomorrow that creature is turning 25 years old!!!!

Loly that’s what I call her. Hey that’s not elephant or hippo but it’s my best buddy. I don’t what I would have done without her. She understands my unspoken words, floating emotions and desire for chocolates. She even played a match making role. Phew I hated that part. Damn even she want me to settle down. hmmm actually she wanna be brides maid and dance with best-man for the song “love will keep us alive” . When she pokes me with her mouse click in fb all I wanna do is poke her nostril with fork. Whatever.

As she is turning 25 I wanted it to be special bday. As he cant stop eating ghee, chocolates, chicken I thought I should gift her something which reminds her every minute. So I bought her one nice XL undies with Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck prints. May be she will reduce eating food with more calories whenever she sees that cutie XL .  Yesterday she called me and said “as I am turning 25 I thought I should learn how to drive 4 wheeler. So I joined the driving classes”. I was quiet for long time, I am already 2? So I should know how to fly the plane???Oh man expensive classes. I replied “ nice babes, keep your right eye on the road and left eye on the person who is teaching you”. I am sure Pu will have something to say here. As she is turning 25 I May. Looks like all my gang members are getting old.

Loly wish you happy bday. May your dreams: plucking coffee seeds in chikmagalur coffee estate, riding a 4 wheeler, finding handsome son-in-law for your mom come true. May god bless you with lots kids and chocolates.

  1. Drama hater says:

    I hav lots to say…


  2. loly says:

    you jus make it so obvious .. huh.. Thanks anyway for the beautiful bddayy gift


  3. Pu says:

    a year gone by… she’s turning 26 this month. 25 was so better… 26 sucks


  4. loly says:

    am not yet 26…still 25 and 25 SUCKSSS


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