Unforgettable word “FIRST”

Posted: March 22, 2012 in My Silly thoughts

Human creatures never forget their “FIRST” experience with whatever, who cares. Lets start with those “FIRST” encounters which no one will ever dare to forget.

  1. First cry.. Sounds bit creepy. May be baby wont remember but parents will definitely will remember.
  2. First word. Same thing again, only parents will remember. May be mine was “SnL”. Just guessing.
  3. First standard. Boy every tom-dick-harry remembers something or other thing about first std. May be first friend or first rank
  4. First exam. Sorry nobody remembers it
  5. First failure in exam. Ohh man….i still remember when I got ½ out of 10 in class test
  6. First crush. People will never ever dare to forget this. Mine was…hmmmm….Forget it who cares
  7. First love. Lucky people will never get chance for second love. They always make their FIRST one forever.
  8. First kiss. Wowow all ears, senses must have woke up from sleep. Pretty interesting topic. Even a paly boy will never forget his first kiss. Those still didnt get kissed for the first time all the very best. You should try the cheek first and then the lips
  9. First lovers fight. Doubt, possessiveness, jealousy make a grand entry in “love-u-till-the death” drama and guy and gal come to their senses.
  10. First salary. As I was cursed I got 13k as my first salary. Unlucky no and unlucky salary.
  11. First wife/husband. Those have habit of marrying several times will always remember their first wife.
  12. First bike. Guys love their first bike so much that even though they don’t have bath they make sure that bike has bathed and dried properly
  13. First bad word. I remember it was “B$#$#$$#”
  14. First night. Most waited night. Wowow flowery bed, candle light and excited hormones and then candles blows off. What happens next is………husband and wife will sleep.
  15. First baby. Parents love their first baby no matter what. They will be having so much hope on first baby. God save the first born, always have to bend for the responsibilities
  16. First operation. Without clothes, lying on the bed, inhaling phenyl and some acids all we do is pray.
  17. First accident. You are riding a car in full speed, fhat!!!!!!!(its sound, if you are confused) it hits a electric pole. Blood, glass pieces everywhere. With peoples help you comes out of your car in your torn pants, torn chaddi  which reveals your bleeding bum. All you can do is faint.
  18. First proposal. After marriage most of the ladies say “neighbor guy was my first  proposal. Life would have been quiet different if I would have married him”. Poor husband live his life cursing the guy
  19. First porn movie. Scholar says that guys watch porn movies in their very young age. Young means 18 or 19?? No man they watch when they are just 11.
  20. First Hostel. Ohh man I will never ever forget it. First day in hostel all I could do was cry remembering my dog.
  21. first beer. Guys all you have to do is travel back in the time to remember which and where you had it.
  22. First dog bite. It was on my bum. How i hated dog then
  23. First constipation problem. After having Chinese, for three days my kakka(poop) said no when i called it out.


“First” will never remain as “FIRST” forever in our life. But “first” experience teaches us a lesson. I am sure many of you must have remembered those unforgettable “first” moments in your life.  All cheers to……not the first moments but to SnL for her effort.


  1. dramahater says:

    First Class (not really) 😀


  2. Vandy says:

    Awesome one Syl!


  3. Drama hater says:

    Cant thank me?
    I stop commentin now on.


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