Posted: March 26, 2012 in My Silly thoughts

Lucky trees shed their leaves without any fear at least once in a year. As the hot summer is haunting everyone every minute I am sure everyone would have felt like shedding their clothes and running freely for a while. Ohhh sounds really awesome.

If you wanna be famous what you have to do? work hard? work smart?Dream high?……..you just have to post a pick in tweeter with minimum clothes. Boy, next day your name will be number one item searched in google. If you think you cant do that then tweet saying “attitude is like my………underwear. Wait a minute I didn’t say that , oh boy I can never compare attitude to underwear. It was said by famous bikini queen PP(Poonam Pandey). Must say PP has her own way when it comes to comparing things.

Few months back she was in lime light for saying “I will strip if India wins in world cup”. Lady , you could have stripped anyways . You already have exposed everything. I don’t think anybody would have cared if you would have shed those tiny strings.

After that she was famous for sexy acts on social network. When I saw her pic  with title “Kohili this is for you”. I don’t know what the incredible hulk felt seeing sky blue bikini. I felt she wouldn’t have completed her SSLC. Don’t know why I felt this way. May be this is the first time in India when a lady is acting out of control. I thought she must be around 26 or 27. Yesterday when she became my G-gangs discussion topic we Googled her. Her name was the last thing we found. We were shock to see that she is just 20. Wonder what she will be famous for when she will reach 25. God save her and her bikinis.

PP also has said that there’s no bikini that she haven’t wear. Even the street dog would have thought twice before saying “there’s ain’t any street that I haven’t visited”. I am really confused what the lady wanna prove. Having at least fake assets and flaunting them like Pamela, Leoni in size smaller than the actual is the known fact. But applying some skin-shining-cream, standing in middle of jungle like eve and hugging tree in low waist bikini, with dark circle around eyes makes us see the fact that wild cat is busy wearing bikini, clicking pics and tweeting it. Lady you need some good food and sleep. Please sleep and let the people Google something other than your pics or your name.

My popsi stares at me when my shorts rest on my knees and exposes my leg. Just wonder how come PP’s dad is still quiet. May be he is tired of telling her to wear something else other than bikini. Whatever PP do wear sari and post it. Don’t forget to wear blouse. You might get 10000 for tweets.


  1. dramahater says:

    LOL! it was good. n i see u hv spent time doin a spell check 🙂


  2. loly says:

    lol 🙂 Decently written 😛


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