POPSI, This is for you

Posted: March 27, 2012 in My Silly thoughts

I still remember how he used to hold my tiny hand in his big palm and make me run to keep up with him. As he wanted me to be tough like him he always used more hard way to train me. But when it comes to pamper me, boy he was 2 steps ahead of everyone. Back to back 2 vanilla ice creams were destined to be mine. One wink and he used to take me to Durga daya(restaurant in Kinnigoli) to make me happy. He never thought twice when it came to correct me. I still remember one day I had been out with my dad. On the way back home he bought some chocolates for me. When I reached home my sister asked me for coconut chocolates. As it was my favorite I gave her ravalgon. She asked me twice. I said no. That exact moment I saw a transition….my dad slowly turned in to … baby spanker. He spanked me. I cried and threw those chocolates at my sister. Good that I was small, tiny like baby-teddy-bear else would have spanked my sister in return. That day I realized no matter how much ice creams he buys for me, he will never stop correcting me. Damn I hated it.

When he used to shave his beard I used to peep into the mirror and play with scissors. Oh man I even used to cut his hair and he used to chase me. I used to collect the last drop of fenny and drink. Oh yeah I was imitating him. As time passed fenny stopped visiting our home. I don’t know what made him stop drinking. May be he was scared that his baby-doll gonna be a drunkard. How I missed fenny then. When he was young he was like a tiger, all energetic, full of innovative ideas and passion for work. He used to teach me English and give dictation. 10 times imposition was fixed for single spelling mistake. If he reads my blog he might make me to write those mis-spelled words 100 times. . If I say “he was a dude” when he was young people who know him might laugh. Damn he was a terrific guy. So terrific that even dogs were scared of him. One look from him and Ancy used to run. With time he changed. He even taught me how to use a gun. Oh boy he is crazy about aiming. There will always a competition between my dad and bro for the title “who aims best”. When my, sorry bros Activa doesn’t start with the self-starter I call him and he starts kicking. As a magic Activa starts. I stare at him and think “what will I do if activa won’t listen to the key in middle of the road?”. Now he is mild , grey haired oldie. Who is worried about his baby-doll being single at 2?. Whenever I reject a proposal he asks me “ what happened? you didn’t like him? Is he like monkey?”. I say ”Oh dad he is really fat for me or his house is far away ….bla bla”. When he hears expected “NO” he says “its ok, no problem”. When PU came tknow that my dad was cool for my “NO”, she says “ha man what your dad think you are? miss india? Remember one thing you are not getting younger but older”. I just smile , who is really playing my dad’s role?PU?or my dad?. Oh man even Pu will change with time.

At this he is crazy about WWE. Till midnight he sits and watch Some fat guy spanking some other fat guy. Sometimes when I get up at 11.30 in the night to pee he will be there in front of the tv dozing, with remote on the floor , tv on. As soon as you off the Tv he gets up and says “why did you off the tv? I am still watching?”. Oh oldie wonder what you will get watching that WWE and Cricket.

As time passed I became young and he old. Its sad to see him now. With lost teeth, grey hair he looks tired. I always pictured him like a tough guy with jet black hair, broad shoulders and tough look. Now I call him retired TIGER. He still eats chocolates and ice cream and competes with me “who eats more”. If he would have succeeded in training me properly I would have been in convent or militry by now.

Happy Bday Oldie. May god bless you with new milk teeth, baba-doll and WWE  channel. Happy bday

  1. LML says:

    Nice one dear… I liked it..


  2. valerian says:

    still u remember coconut chocolates sorry sis


  3. Drama hater says:

    In your dads bde… Why did you drag me in? Anyway happy bde from my side too.


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