Its DOG story

Posted: April 3, 2012 in STORY
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He kept the receiver down and sat on a chair near by. He lean in to the chair and stared at the roof. He thought if ceiling fan was there he could have felt bit homely. He looked outside through the French window. Darkness was mocking him. He saw a framed photo on the table. He smiled silently looking at the pic. His eyes filled with tears when he saw his PC’s screen saver. 10 years old German Shepard was showing his teeth. He said “what happened to you buddy? You were not like this”.


His name is Lian. Tall, dark and handsome phrase suits him to describe. To do MBA he had flown to Italy 1 year back. Back then he was working in one of the famous IT Company in Bangalore, India. Basically he was from a wonderful place where leeches and coffee plants are every where. Yeah he is Chikmagalur boy. He had lost his dad when he was young. Being the youngest he was pampered by his elder sister, Lilian, mom and grandma. Being the last one he had got everything he demanded. When he felt he need a dog to cuddle his sister had gifted him a 3 months German Sheppard puppy. Lian had said “thank you” more than 100 times. He named the puppy as “Bounty”. When his grandma used to call the pup as Bunty and Lian had corrected her saying “its Bounty grana, not bunty. Don’t spoil his name”. Lian had special feelings for Bounty, they were best friends. Usually Lilian used to feed the dog and clean him up. Both brother and sister adored Bounty.


Time passed and Bounty grew up. Lilian had married to a guy from Mangalore. They were residing in Dubai. Lian had completed his BE and was working in Bangalore. When mom asked Lian about his marriage Lain had told about his plans for higher education. Soon after his Visa formalities were done he had landed in Italy. Italy is such a lovely place he had fallen in love with it. But he missed his sister and Bounty.

Being alone with house owner and oldie Bounty felt sad. People who used to cuddle him were gone. He used to loiter in the estate alone. How he missed Lian and Lilian then.

Lilian was busy with her life. Once in 2 years she used to visit her home. Whenever she used to come down Bounty used to go crazy. Lilian was touched that Bounty still remembers her and misses her. On other hand Lian used to ask about Bounty every now and then over the phone. Few months back when he had come down he had taken Bounty to Mangalore in his open jeep. He still remembered how bounty had enjoyed the sea shore and sand.


 Few days back Lilian had come down from Dubai. She was bit low as she had lost her unborn child. When her husband sensed that she needs some homely air he had decided to her back to Chikmagalur.

As first day she was busy she couldn’t cuddle Bounty. Next day early morning when she got ready got jogging she whilsted for Bounty. When he didn’t show up Lilian was worried that dog must have forgotten her. Her face lit up when she saw Bounty wagging his tail. She had extended her hand in front of Bounty and was patting him.

Suddenly Bounty attacked her and had bit her neck, hand and leg. Lilian had cried for help and was rescued by her husband. She cried looking at bounty that was kicking her blood on the ground. Her husband didn’t waste any time to take her to hospital. He had called Lilan’s uncle and told him what Bounty did.

His uncle had come with this rifle. He felt sad for the dog. This was his partner in hunting and chasing the thieves. He looked into those eyes for the final time and said final bye. Sound made by his rifle told everyone what had happened to Bounty.

When Lilian came back she was furious to know that Bounty was shot dead. She said “if I bite you even you gonna shoot me?” When her mom couldn’t control her she had phoned Lain. She had told Him what had happened. Lian had spoken to his sister. But he failed to console her. He knew how she felt. A pet whom they adored from their childhood was dead. When he thought he can’t talk anymore he simply had disconnected.


He checked the time on the clock hanging on the wall.It was 3.00 in the morning. He felt its the time he go to bed.He traced a finger on Bounty;s face and said “will miss you buddy”

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