One More Weekend …….Whatever!!!!!!!

Posted: April 3, 2012 in My Silly thoughts
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I was hurrying for office as it was already 9.00. I got down from the bus and increased my walking speed. I reached my usual break fast place and ordered idly. I hate ildy but I don’t know why i eat it. No other options you see. Cant have oily vada and dosa. I cant stand the dancing oil. As its self service there are only few tables. You cant sit and have. You have to push and make your self some space. Being a gal I find it difficult. Sometimes hands come from somewhere and I have to jump to save my self from that intentional or unintentional touch. As I occupied tables I saw a couple feeding dosa to each other. Wife was saying “eat baby eat, its nice”. Husband was saying “no honey, I don’t want it”. When I saw that I felt what I am missing. Looking at them I couldn’t make it whether its love marriage or arranged. All I could make out was they are damn good in feeding each other. I continued eating my sad idly and started running.

As I was walking a brid shit came from no where and fell on my salwar pants. Thank god my mouth was saved by 2 seconds. Like other gals I didn’t create a scene saying “oh my gossh, bird shit!!!” instead I continued walking and slowly took a tissue and wiped it. Damn man I am awesome actress.

As soon as I reached my desk events of weekend started flooding in my brain

As I am staying alone weekend I go to Loly’s place. When I reached her house PU was cleaning the house in her worst home were. Loly had office, akki had been out and Arpitha(akki’s sister, we call her minor) was admiring the maid alias PU. When PU saw me she stared giving me lecture. Couldn’t you come bit early? She added AH or BH or CMH at the end. I don’t know what that means. This shows my innocence J(honestly kidding, I know those words and CMH is a hospital). I took my kurtha and said “I wanna buy matching leggings for this. Can you keep this in your bag? Please”. When PU realized that I am pleading she agreed.

We started walking towards metro station. Thank to Yeddi uncle finally metro is running (wonder when it gonna fall). As we continued walking PU and I started fighting as usual. Whenever we are together we fight. Suddenly PU realized minor is staring at us so she said “poor baby first time coming out with us right, you will have bad time”.

We entered the station. Checking was terrific. One lady took some instrument and started scanning my front. I wanted to tell her that “all ladies got back not only front”. Wonder why she was scanning only front. May be she thought they can keep the micro bomb where usually they keep the Bapuji.

We took the ticket and were waiting for metro. Pu started commenting on me as usual. Family sitting next to us were laughing seeing us. I got pissed off and  hit my purse to Pu’s mouth. She was shocked. She said “come lady hit again and I will throw your kurtha right here”. I said “sorry”. She said say it again. I said “sorry” She said “say as if you mean it”. I said “Sorry AH”. She stared at me and said “you are messing with a wrong person”.

We got into metro. Pu sat opposite to me and minor. Pu started making weird face in front of camera. That’s her habit. I said “you look like a fish monger”. Pu said “say it again “. I said”why dumbo, can’t you hear me fish monger?” She said “ok lets see what I got inside my bag”. She took my kurtha slowly from her bag and kept it on the floor. Dirty metro floor where 1000 of people walk in every day. I said “ sorry Pu”. She was not convinced. I said “Sorry PU, I mean it”. She smiled her wicked smile and said “remember who I am, never ever mess with me”. I said in my mind “gonna teach you lesson soon AH”.

As we entered the Brigade road, had momos, sugar cane juice and continued walking. We went to life style, Garuda mall. There is this small 100 Rs sandal shop outside Garuda mall  .When Pu saw that shop she said “lets try”. There was a sandal lying on the floor. Pu picked it up before the shop keeper says anything she tried and started screaming. I was laughing and minor was looking at Pu with curiosity. I said “Jesus tomorrow I will offer one flower more to you”. When I saw blood I kept quiet. Pu removed the sandal and saw a nail. She said “AH shop keeper, can’t he remove the nail. She looked at me and said “moron”. She was trying her level best to hide her pain. I said “sorry pu I shouldn’t have laughed”. Again I laughed.

We went to a book shop as Pu wanted to buy Jeffrey Archers book named “fathers sin” or somebody’s sin. All three of were busy searching for book when one book got my attention. Me and minor started exploring the book belonging to some interesting category called some Sutra. When a guy came there Minor said “we got company” she started to giggle. Being bit elder I controlled my laughter and looked up. The guy said “its ok even I looking for same category”. As I didn’t have choice I gave him some space and vacate the place. Like a pervert I could have laughed but for the first time I handled the situation gracefully. Pu gifted one M n B for me and other for Minor. Whenever I see those happy-ending-crazy-romantic books I go crazy.

Finally when we reached home we were dead tired. As soon as we reached I sat with the book. When PU saw that she said “keep it and help me else gonna set the book on fire”. I helped her and again sat with book. Around 12.30 I could hear some tuk tuk sound. I looked around and could see nothing. Again I heard the sound. I went inside the kitchen therse she stood holding a sickle in hand and cleaning over-freezed freezer. I gave a smile to her and went. After 10 minutes I herds a voice “help me na moron”. I felt sad for her and helped her with the ice. When we were doing this Loly, akki, minor were busy snoring. We clicked some pics with ice and sickle. One of the habit which we cant stop. All thanks to Facebook

Morning when all were getting ready for mass Pu said “being in one house you missed

All the fun”. Loly applied cot of lipstick and said “I am sure it will be more like fight than fun”.  I smiled and said “whatever”

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