JACK…come back

Posted: April 4, 2012 in My Silly thoughts
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Few years back I went to theater to watch the famous ship wreck . If I am not wrong its 1999 when I literally fell in love with Jack, movies leading role.  Must say the actor  knows to set women’s hormones on fire. When I saw blood diamond, inception, catch-me-if-you-can I fall in love with him head over heels. I don’t have to say anything much about him or his acting, boy he is damn good at it.

Sorry for deviating from my topic “Titanic”, cant help it whenever I remember those eyes, crazy hair ,the look and the flawless skin (sounds cheesy). On other hand Rose was the reason for many men’s sleepless night. When we saw the movie some scenes were trimmed. It was little later I saw that movie with all the scenes. Titanic has a history which only few of are interested. Big ship, never gonna sink, ice berg…..bla bla bla. Whenever I hear the word TITANIC all I can remember is Jack. I felt sad when Jack died at the end. If Titanic has to be re-directed in Bollywood I am sure Jack will be alive when the rescue boat will find him. I cried when jack freezed to death. Few days I had this Jack fever. My annual exams fever chased Jack far away.

Titanic is back again in 3D.I am sure it will hit the market with new record. As we can see all scene more clearly. Specially that one!!!!i was talking about their dance. I am not sure who will take the credit? Jacks feet dance? Ship sinking scene? or Kate’s pose on the couch?. Other day one of my friend who does this pencil sketch told me he wanna draw Kate’s pic. I didn’t ask him which pose because I knew it. I just told him “first draw something fully clothed and then think about Kate”.

I dont know what makes a movie good, actors? Music? Censored scenes or the story?. Whatever I am all set to watch Jack again. Same old  19 year old Jack who fell in love with Kate.

  1. Drama hater says:

    Really. You wanna pay for 3D, somethin that you hav already watched before?


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