000S000E000X Education

Posted: April 13, 2012 in My Silly thoughts

Before writing the word I asked myself “can I write about this topic?” I know people are tired of reading pee, bum , ass, damn, pu, chick and cow-shit story about SnL. I thought what’s there in writing useful thing. Now people please don’t laugh like teenage gals who feel shy when they see whisper add while watching tv with family. When I was 10 I was curious to know about it. When I was 15 I used to feel shy. But now I don’t bother to show any expression. You see its part of life.

I didn’t think I should start with the question “what’s sex?”. Every tom-Dick-Harry knows about it. Even kids in first standard knows what sex means. May be they have their own version of definition. Human beings are blessed with something good. Unlike dogs and cats which have season for mate human being can mate anytime they want. Unfortunately human being miss use this boon. As all human beings believe in experimenting they experiment sex before the right time. Its like eating the fruit before its ripe. As a result some gals get pregnant (lucky boys, not blessed with egg), some get bad name, some become notorious through MMS and some get AIDS.  Just wonder why in all cases only gals have to suffer. Whatever I feel to avoid such things sex education is necessary. But it doesn’t mean that you have to watch sex video in class like Karnataka minister did.

I know teenagers find it bit hard to take the extra knowledge about sex when both sexes are involved. Gals feel shy and boys smile (simple smile which indicates “I already know all this”). When it comes to boys they are 10 steps ahead of gals when it’s related to SEX. Not their mistake. They are created with sensitive and fragile parts. Gals on other hand take their time to talk about sex. I feel talking helps a lot. When I was in final year degree we had sex education. I still remember the lady who came to lecture started the session with poem related to sex. Later I went and asked a copy. Those days I had craze of writing poems(actually stories in form of poem). Later she explained us about male and female genital organs. At the end of session she said “if you have any question please write it in a paper and give it to me”. She smiled when she saw file of paper piece. Whenever she used to read a question my classmate used to see me. I had tough time telling them I didn’t write any of them. Ok may be few I wrote. Who doesn’t have doubt?

Sex education at the right time and right age helps human creature to talk about it freely without hesitating. After all it’s a part of life. Education, knowledge is always is useful till you die. Trust me. Those who read thinking some jingle-mingle things will be described, SORRY to disappoint you. I love to keep the topic universal:)

  1. nice.

    sex is something which everybody wants to do but nobody wants to talk about it.! And as you rightly pointed out, right mindset or an education will eradicate the hysteria surrounding that word..

    And yeah HOT TOPIC, you have to write about such topics to increase the TRP (no. of views) !!


  2. loly says:

    i almost had my mouth open wen i saw “When I was in final year degree we had sex ” and then i saw “education” 🙂


  3. dramahater says:

    Syl- ur gettin sensible.. see now u get wen i said i need to read something more than wat we did last weekend…
    giggling reminds me of JPP in Hhiggin bothams.


  4. jackfruit1 says:

    I think you can write well in a funny way…and I din know you were so into sex…I heard you were gonna b a nun 😀


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