Memorable Sunday

Posted: April 16, 2012 in My Silly thoughts

Wehever I had to prepare non-veg I have a tough time. You see “Boxer the B%^$#” is vegan and has told me not to cook non-veg. How I can survive without having non-veg. Whatever!! when I sat down to write preparing egg sukka I remembered fish fry which I had at the weekend at Lolys place.

Saturday was very hot. Trust me summer sucks big time. As planned I met chick on Saturday in MG road. Wow I met her after long 5 months. She looked gorgeous as usual. She saw me she said “you have put on”. I said “touch me else will lose weight”(blind belief which I follow ). We entered Coast II to coast and ordered chicken ghee roast, prawns sukka and neeru dosa. When finally we were done ordering we chatted about this and that. I felt really happy seeing her after long long time.

When finally we were done with our heavy lunch we were tired. We went to life style to take rounds. When we saw cosmetics I said “I wanna buy eye liner”. Chick looked surprised. I said “dnt be surprised, even I wanna paint my eyes ”. As soon we reached one counter the lady started giving a presentation on that brand and product. When finally I said I want a eye liner she showed some 100 products.I started to giggle. Lady said “I will apply to your eye and show”. I thought for a while and said ok. It was as if she was waiting for a chance. She applied first light and then dark color. God I couldn’t recognize me, I was looking like a Bimboo. My small eyes were bathed in VBGIOR eye liner. When I told her to remove that she tried but when she couldn’t remove fully she applied to my other eye.  Literally I was looking like a clown. When guys used to stare at me I used to say ”they are admiring my eyes and Chick used to giggle”. When it was 6.00 I said bye to chick and hugged her. I will surely miss her I thought

Around 7.30 I reached Lolys place. As Caren (beauty specialist) have return from US we chatted for a while. When I saw the fridge I fainted. Fridge was filled with chocolates.  When Pu saw my eyes she laughed. She said “whats with you? Are mantally sick?”. I tried removing it but it was not ready to leave my eyes. I wondered how these gals who apply 3 coats of liner will remove at the end of day??

Later when we were chatting Pu was reading some book. To disturb her I took the book and threw it somewhere on top of the cupboard. She scolded me and bought a chair and took the book and started reading. Again I did the same thing. Then for a while she was missing I was giggling thinking of my achievement.  Loly told me”she wont easily leave you, be careful’. Later she took the book and started reading. When I check my bag I knew it my clothes were gone. I knew it Pu have done something with my clothes. Later I found them soaked in the bath room. I spanked PU and she said ”never ever mess with me”. When she was in the bed room I took her top, put it in a plastic and kept it in fridge. It was 2.00 when finally we slept.

Sunday after the mass when we started cooking Pu found her top in the fridge. She just saw me and I said ”now we are even”. She said ”whatever I made you wash your clean clothes”. I knew it she was leading. I had to take my revenge somehow. I feel I have taken the revenge just don’t wanna talk about it. Around 2.00 in the noon we had our lunch and were rolling on the bed. As soon as we closed our eyes Pu started disturbing me and Loly. As that creature was awake through out noon we gave up the idea of nap. Later Loly said “I have driving classes in the evening”

Loly was washing clothes when me and Pu started pulling her leg. Ahmed is her driving instructor. Ahmed bai how to hold the steering wheel? Ahmed bai how to on the engine?……It was so annoying and I was  tired of pulling her leg. I was lying­­­­­­­­­­­ on the bed and was saying “Ahmed bai…. when Loly bought water in a mug and poured on me. She said “sometimes you are un-controllable”. I said “you poured water only on me. What about Pu?She started all this”. Loly blinked her eyes 3 times as usual and said don’t worry I will take care of it. Loly went inside and continues washing. I took water and threw it inside bath rom through the window. I knew it any time she might chase me.

Later she gave shower bath to PU and Pu said ”Snl brain washed you to throw water at me”. I said”whatever”. It was 6.00 in the evening when we decided to go to restaurant named “Moon’s” . Its newly opened where you get awesome food and this delicious drink…I forgot the name. Caren said ”I will paint your eyes”. When finally she was done I was looking like a peacock with green and shiny blue color liner and shadow. Pu saw me and laughed like a pig. I cleaned my face and Caren again applied but this time it was very light. When Pu couldn’t take it anymore she said “No one ever gonna find whether you got eyes or not. Eye liner is out of question”.  She was right. The place was dusky.

Around 8, my whole Blore gang was gathered in that restaurant. Pu,Loly,SnL,JPP,Caren, Akki,Martis, ostrich,Chinna,relative,( allan was missing).Totally 10 people. It was the first time we had get together outside. We were in our own world. I don’t know whether were staring at us or not. All I know is yesterday was memorable day of my life. Will never gonna forget the day with my Blore gang.




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