Life around FB

Posted: April 18, 2012 in My Silly thoughts

Days with phone calls, mails are gone. Trust me even I rarely use them to contact my friends. All thanks to Face book dady. I type name of the person whom I want to find out and press enter when list of names appear and then I click on the profile pic which I am looking. Face Book made finding friends so easy. Oh yeah very easy. Indian police will take at least 2 weeks to find out the where about a person but Face book gives every tiny details like status(important if you are between 20-30), city, interest, weight, height oh sorry last two are specified only in bio data in fraction of second. Sometimes again and again see my ex-crushes status. Sad thing is they always disappoint me

I know in 2012 generation all have become face book freak kids to oldies, nuns to married person. Thank god my dad is still not aware of this crazy site else he would have hanged me for my comments and pics. You will get to know who and all wore white gown, theme of the marriage, whether you are expecting a baby …in one word everything. You know better than me. Some people have their breakfast to dinner in FB. I may not be so addicted but trust me I have my tiny tiny snacks there. Every 2 minutes I check hoping something to happen.

I click crazy pics, update about my blog , comment on my friends pics and wait. Wait for some reaction to happen. Bingo, people never disappoint me. Some “Like” my comment and some reply. This is how FB makes people go crazy about it. Sometimes people do send messages which I rarely see. Most of my time will be gone in reading the comments, wishing bdays and accepting friend request. Wait minute did I mention about “POKES”?. No, according to my friend “pokes” are textually transmitted diseases. Loly, camel are expert in poking. Trust me they poke me every 2 minutes. Its like poking your nostril with a fork and my nose starts to bleed.I have found my lost school, college friends in Fb. Some people whom I dont know are residing happily in my friends list. When I see they belong to my ex-college, hometown I just send a friend request or accept it.

FB made finding lost friends easy. Sometimes I just see my FB wall and home to know whats happening. Fb must be celebrating while Orkut sleeps soundlessly in its tomb

  1. merril says:

    where the hell dis you meet a camel on FB?


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