I lost myself to you…..BLUE(might change later:))

Posted: April 25, 2012 in I Think they are "NOVEL"

I took the keys from the table and said “dad, I am taking the boat. Don’t worry ill be back before sun set……and Sam and Rex gonna accompany me”. With the blue3/4 and white t-Shirt I know I will shower in the breeze. As I was born and bought up near the coastal region I loved water more than anything. My house was near the sea shore. From Udupi bus stand if you walk 20 minutes towards church you can spot our house to the extreme end

It won’t be wrong if I say “i know the sea and all its secrets”.  Being an only daughter I didn’t have anyone to play around. When all kids were playing hide and seek I was catching fish with my dad. When was 2 I lost my mom. Since then my dad had taken care of me. He tried to be my mother and father both. When I was 11 I used to take the boat around and explore the sea. As I always used to take  Sam along with me my dad never stopped me from taking the boat.

After completing my B.Sc nursing I was working in Mangalores famous hospital “savior”. Week days I used to stay in the hostel and weekends I used to come down to my home. My dad was a religious man and he had taken extra effort to teach my Bible and its teachings. Now I am 25 and still single. Dad already started searching a groom for me. He thinks all gals should get married before they are 25. I had my dreams and was waiting for the right person.

I called to Sam. When I didn’t get the response I went backside of our house where there is huge garden which is taken care by Sam . When Rex saw me he wagged his tail. Sam was busy cleaning the fish. When I said “Sam, hurry up”. He looked up with weird face. He hates it when anybody interrupts him while cleaning the fish. He was 40 when my dad found him near the sea shore. He was drunk and had no money to go anywhere. I dont know whether he has family or no. But we never talk about it.Since then he is working in my house. I said “I know Sam, I am disturbing you. Hurry up we will be back with no time. You know how much I love water”. Sam smiled and said “ok Zoovy baby, but we have be back soon. Then I have fry this fish”. As I walked towards to take him with me Sam said “if you take that rascal with you I am not coming. Last time he ate all the prawns which I caught”. I patted Rex’s head and said “Rex gonna be good boy today”. Rex was already focusing on the fish. I pulled his chain and said “Be is a good boy”.

As soon as Sam came we started to walk towards out boat. I pulled Rex, who was trying flirt with neighbor’s female dog missy. I said “whole night you guys roam, at least now focus. As soon as we were inside the boat I let go Rex of his chain and saw the water. Sam was busy starting the engine. As the fish smell was irritating my nostrils I took the mint. Rex was busy searching for fish. Sam started the engine and boat started to move from its place. Wind was blowing from everywhere. As it was evening birds were flying back to their nest. We reached our usual spot and Sam stopped the engine. He knows that spot is my favourite. I sat and looked into water. You see you feel really good when you just sit and do nothing. Rex came and sat next to me. I told “Sam start the engine, will go bit further”. Sam raised his eyebrows and said “no baby, this is the dead line. I am not allowed to take you outside this boundary”. I said “if you wont then ill jump and”. Sam hates it when I trick him. He started the engine and said “ok but only for 3-4kilometers. When Sam thought we are far away from our usual boundry Sam said “its late and I am turning the boat. If you open your mouth ill jump in water”. Before I open my mouth Sam had shut my mouth. As he turn the boat the engine went dead. He looked worried. It was already 7.00 in the evening and was getting late. He tried to start the engine but it went to sleep. Rex looked up from sleeping spot. Guess he was tired watching me. I said “dont worry Sam, pa will come or will send someone to fetch us”. Sam said “Other boat is spoilt and Lionel have to borrow Doddayya shettrus boat, if its not available then babay we have to spend our night here”. I got goose bumps when I heard that. Spending whole night in water is not good for gals. In the night strangers will rule and no one is there to question them. Last year they had found one fisher mans dead body . He was murdered and was thrown in water. Since then pa and Sam never stayed on water late night. It was 9.00 and I could see clouds. If it rains then the situation will get worse. Around 10.00 it started to rain heavily and our boat started to float. I didn’t know for how long it rained but when it finally stopped Sam worried face told me its not gonna be memorable night. Rex started to bark. Guess he was hungry. Far away I could see a light. I just smiled when the light started to move towards us. I knew it my pa has come to get back us home.

(will rex,Sam and zoovy will reach home????is her pa  coming to get her back ???Will Rex will have that fish fry?????…….To be continued…(hopefully))

Pl.Note:did i ever tell you how i appreciate your comments and compliments!!! Be active guys your comments and compliments keep me going:)

  1. loly says:

    He was 40 when my dad found him near the sea shore.?????How old is Sam now??? Women .. read once wat u write


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