i lost myself to you Blue……..Chapter3

Posted: April 30, 2012 in I Think they are "NOVEL"

I prayed to god to send my guardian angel.  I always fancied happily-ever-after story books “mills and boons”. It took a while to realize that real life more complicated. In one day I had lost my everything. I cried again begging them to stop, to spare me but they never stopped. One after the other they took turn to spoil the beautiful rose bud. Deep blue water maintained its silence when rose bud was crumbled and torn. I looked in to sky “before you finish praying you will get”,”Your name is carved in my arm”……I felt all those words from Bible doesn’t make sense any more. I never even dreamt in my wildest dream that I will be gang raped.  Fraction of second I lost my hope in my creator. I knew it then there’s no god, none.

When those cannibals were done, they looked into each other and laughed. I was lying on the boat bleeding without any clothes. I wanted to die. I tried to get up with my remaining energy. I couldn’t. I tried again. This time I reached half the way but I slipped and fell in my own pool of blood. My head banged to the floor. It didn’t pain. Guess my body lost the senses. Again I tried when they got my attention. Short guy whom I had hit earlier came and slapped my face and said “Bi&^D still has energy, let me teach her a lesson”. He slapped my face and said “never ever hit the guy in wrong place. Tell you honey they don’t like it”. Again he raped me. I laid there lifeless. Still he continued with what he was doing. Are the men so eager to spill their seed that whenever they see a hole they try to spill? I hated men , the whole men clan.

When the guy was satisfied they wrapped me in the blanket and got into their boat. Before they left they set my boat on fire. As they didn’t wanted to leave any clue. I didn’t know how far they went but later I got shifted in to a small ship. There were many more mongrels waiting to stamp me. How I hated to be gal then. I stirred slowly when the guy carried me slapped me again. When we reached the deck he dumped me on the floor. All curious gaze were upon me. They looked stranger. With their 6 feet height I knew it they are from some other country. As a tall old guy started to walk towards me the guy who carried me said “back off ass, nobody touches her, she is for the master. See that she is well fed”. I laughed thinking that I am none less than a goat. Which they feed well before slaughtering. I looked in to the sky and with a last hope I said “ I wanna die that’s all I ask for, nothing else”.

Cool wind warmed me as if it’s the only thing who is listening to me. As I closed my eyes a tall guy came and held a dirty bowl to my mouth and said “drink Bi%$”. I looked in to those eyes and said “on my grave Bas%##$#”. He slapped me and ran his dirty finger on my breast and said “don’t push me, I am…..”. His sentence was unfinished as a tall figure appeared on the door way. He looked as if he knows how to handle those mongrels. When I saw the wicked smile I knew it not a single soul on that boat has humanity. He said in his steady voice “You don’t know how to handle the female Tus. They are delicate and fragile.  He closed the distance between us. Now he was standing in front of me. From the place where I was laying I could see his never brushed teeth and scared cheeks. He sat in front of me and held a drop of blood from my face and said “I am sorry for their unfriendly behavior lady”. Before I know what’s happening I was tossed out of my blanket. I stood there naked and all those men were standing and clapping. I remember my pa and cried. How he used to take care of me. He always protected from bad people. How I wanted to call my pa. I didn’t cry, I didn’t beg I stood there motionless marking this day in my heart. Absorbing the each and every tiny detail. With my remaining energy I said “you are doomed, you are cursed, you will die, you all will die”. They still stood there watching me and laughing. I fell to the floor. I couldn’t move. My limbs were hurting. I didn’t know when was it when finally I closed my eyes. I was shivering to the cold breeze. As I lay nude there I hugged my knees and tried to cover myself.

Bullet fired from the ship woke me up. I was not scared. I already faced the worst fear of my life. All mongrels were shouting and yelling at each other. Even Mongrels were firing back. I realized then the ship was under attack. Some Mongrels were already wounded  and were bleeding. Before I could see much a kid in his teens came and covered me with blanket. Before I know what’s happening I was carried out. As I was carried out I just wondered how many more times I will be raped. I just touch the arm of the guy who was carrying me and said “kill me, kill me”. For a while he looked in to my face, then he continued walking. I saw the tall old man still fighting. Days must pass but the print of the mongrels and their leader was saved permanently in my heart. As I was carried out I saw Mongrels leader for the final time.

Zoovy goonna be a sex slave?who the people who attacked mongrels ship?did her god abandoned her?

(Story sounds boring and sad. Wonder what made me write such a colorless story…….Few days back had visited book stop “Blossom”. went crazy seeing the novels. How i wished people to see my smiling face on my book. Now i know it never gonna happen…..What you feel do tell me)

  1. Anonymous says:

    well a typical psycho story…l liked the way u narrated though….keep going…waiting 4 the next one….ATB


  2. Shilpa says:

    Nice work!!!!When’s the next one comin??


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