My long lost RF BROS’s……..

Posted: June 30, 2012 in My Silly thoughts

Other day as the fruit of my un-limited prayers god showed me RF brothers. Hope you remember about those RF brothers about whom I was crazy few months back.

As my G-gang and cousin n her hubby were chatting in front of the church I poked Loly. As the RF bros were standing right behind her I couldn’t tell loudly. When I poked her my cousin saw me and said “where are they show me?”. Sometimes I wonder whether all LOBO are born smart or they become smart eventually!!!. Even though Loly is LOBO sometimes her tube light doesn’t work properly. I made sign and said look behind. She turned in 360 degrees, tried as if she saw whole world and said “where, where”. At that moment I wanted to spank her ass and say “right behind you”. When she didn’t stop taking round I took her aside and whispered in her ears. Then for the first time I saw the elder bro properly. When I saw his half bald head I wonder what happened to his missing hair…wait a minute when I saw him he was wearing helmet!!!!oh my god….When Loly saw him her mouth was open. She said “what happened to your taste”. I said “guess I forgot to check his head and hair”. Loly said “tell me other than Royal Enfield what you watch?”. Then I looked at younger RF bro. He was kinda cute and cool. Loly said “go for younger one. I liked his gouty”. I winked at her and said “yeah man its kinda cute”. She said “so when you are starting your RnD on them?”. We stood there watching them approaching their Activa!!!WTF where is the Royal Enfield???

Loly turned towards me and said “are you sure these are the guys you saw with RF?. First his half missing forest and now activa!! When was the last time you went for eye testing?’. I said “stop it right there. I remember it was maroon RF instead of golden activa”. She said “you still going ahead with your RnD?”. I said “no babes, I changed my mind. No RnD, no dating, no exchanging numbers. You see guys with RF are not everything.” Loly said “I know babes, if he had little bit of hair you have made a lovely couple together”. I said “chuck the elder one, I am totally in love with younger RF’bro’s gouty. Do you think younger RF bro and me make a lovely couple???”. Loly pinched my ass and said “you will never change. I am damn sure AVL is having hell out of time finding a right guy for you!!!!”

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