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Posted: July 11, 2012 in My Silly thoughts
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My blog readers do keep on asking “did you give up writing?”.Oh man that’s not possible. Thing is these days I am so much busy that most of the hours and days I spend in my office, my bay and on my chair. Trust me I never worked like this before.

Office events

Few days back when I was wasting my time sitting on chair DBC called me and asked ”babes will go shopping”? I asked with my other partner and she said “lets go”. That was the first time I went out that too for shopping in my office hours. DBC is the coolest person I ever met. Most of the times she calls me and asks “babes polar bear? Tropical iceberg? CCD?”. Even though I want to go I say NO un-willingly. Now don’t say “how can women go for shopping in office hours”. Heres is the justification guys.

Guys take 10 minutes to reach the smoking zone. With this 15 minutes ladies can reach their destination. It can be shopping center or beauty parlor.

Guys take 15 minutes to inhale the smoke and leave it with their nostrils with a rythm. Once in a while they enjoy the birds passing through their way. Ladies can utilize this time for shopping.

Unwilling guys start walking towards office elevator thinking about the Fu***ing code. Once they reach their floor they go to wash room to empty their tobacco-flavored urine. Wonder why guys pee after smoking. Before the guys reach their destination ladies can be back to their seat. Only thing ladies rarely use this opportunity.

Other day we had half day office as we had some communication meeting. As pre-decided me,DBC and my teammate decided to bunk. You see some habits are un-changeable.  As DBC had a 2 wheeler she said she will drop me near bus stop and my teammate near the bus stop. Wonder what made DBC change her mind. She said “both of you sit”. 2 large elephants and one baby elephant squeezed their asses and sat on the lucky Aviator. As we crossed the first cross security guy started whistling. I thought may be he wanted to see our identity card. So I turned back and waved at him saying I do have ID card. In the next cross the security guy started whistling and he was stepping towards the vehicle. DBC increased the speed. I said “babes something wrong “. DBC smiled and said “Hold tight babes, you are on the roller coaster. They wanna stop me as triple ride is not allowed and I am never gonna stop”. As soon as we reached the entrance 2 securities came running. I thought we are gone. DBC didn’t give a damn and crossed the entrance gate with a smile. Since then I am a big fan of DBC. Tell you what she can do anything. She has the guts and courage.

As Banglore is cursed there’s no rain. To compensate that the breeze warms everyone. As the cafeteria is in the terrace we have tough time having our lunch with the heavy breeze. Food, clothes, plates will be flying like they got some super power. At the corner theres this wash basin. We call it as Watch Zone. When the breeze comes we just look at the Watch zone and we see butterflies. Lucky guys will be washing their hands with their shirt tucked inside the pants. Poor ladies where they can tuck in their salwar top. That’s when we watch the butterflies. Some times blue, red. Some times butterfly will be matching to their dress. Wonder why some ladies are so matching-matching freaks. When we realized that some ladies don’t realize what happening behind their back we feel sorry for whole woman spices. When we go to wash out hands we see that always one hand try to protect our flying top. But sometimes even we cant fight the powerful breeze. Some guys will be watching the whole movie without ticket. Its not that we cant watch guys butterfly. Some times even guys show not butterfly but butterfly’s heart. Wonder when they will learn how to sit in public. Guess HR should take some classes “how to sit in public”

Theres this guy who keeps on staring at me. Wonder what he liked on my face!!!my scars?specs??unseen pimples. soon gonna prick his eye balls with a fork. 🙂

Sometimes office is fun but sometimes pain in a…….abdomen. I am sure soon I need eyes transplant as my eyes are already spoilt by the pc

  1. Shilpa says:

    Our secrets are out in public… Guess ladies will watch out for us in cafeteria than their flying salwars..:-P


  2. this is the story of the public and not only at your office :p


  3. Gaurav says:

    So, the guy Staring at you must take some precautions, otherwise his eyeballs will be out soon…:P…!!

    Any way nice observation, probably, you invoked many guys to go for the butterfly thing in your office….!!


  4. swathi says:

    so true sil…. 🙂


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