First Time

Posted: July 18, 2012 in My Silly thoughts

It’s a funniest thing that nowadays I don’t know what to write may be I lost the spark with words and I hate it. When you want to write and nothing comes to your mind then boy its pain in wrong place. One novel is pending and one more is already in my mind. I don’t know when I will finish  them.

This is the first time I am writing something GOOD about my TL. I dont know what made me like my TL. You see most of the time they are the one who screw you to the core. My past experience made me come to this conclusion. But this time the guy proved me wrong. His name starts with D and ends with I don’t know. In short I call him DS. He is short and plumpy like “D”. Usually he wears jeans and collared t-shirt and sneakers. I know sounds bit odd but he doesn’t. when he runs his hand thiugh his few hair I say to myself “don’t do that, count will decrease”. He takes care of his team like his kids. As we all are fresher’s we feel that way .Even though client and application makes us worry he doesn’t. He gives importance to his personal life too. That is why he understands our problem. ohh….looks like i am praising him tooo much!!!!

He is friendly with everyone and understands our problem. Even though he calls me SALIVA behind my back I respect him as he loves his team member and understand their problem. Other day we stayed back till 8.30 and he bought biscuits for us. That’s shows how he cares about his team. He doesn’t sees us some robots who work 10 hours. Unlike other TL he knows that we are after all human being who cant sit in one place more than 10 mins. Specially me!!

When your team is cool,TL is extra cool boy you can work for 10 to 12 hours without any problem. Trust me this is the first time I slogged like a dog and didn’t crib about my work. Now I know there’s something or other thing which will make you to love your work. Like me hope you find the thing soon. It can be MONEY, TL , gorgeous female team member….:)

  1. Prasing ? yeah, it happens.. it is called crush..!!


    • sylvia says:

      hey…no crush n all k…..i got better job than having crush on married men……i am not like u, see:)…n yeah i already have crush on somebody else…didnt u read it properly???its written “he takes care of his team members like his kids”


  2. navee says:

    “gorgeous female team member”.. When does it happen in SONATA (RMR)


  3. navee says:

    Motivation was murdered 😦 Male team member motivates u guys.. we dont wanna any kinda of motivation from dem.. except for boozing .. anyways good to know abt 1 cool TL


  4. Gaurv says:

    I think you got good TL, it will be wrong to say any thing about person without knowing personally, but my experience says that when your manager/TL is taking care of you means that he is going to screw you up with work in coming days….,!!! Finger crossed for you…..!!


  5. Shilpa says:



  6. Shilpa says:

    sorry for the stupid reply above… Alike you, i like your TL. Good person he is…!!


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