What Techies Do!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted: July 19, 2012 in My Silly thoughts
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Being a Techi(guess you can call me that but don’t ask any questions related to work) I know how life is in IT industry. If you think its great then boy you are wrong. Its sucks big time and F*** during project delivery time. Guess its same in all industry. But In IT you need extra brainy neuron which will be ever ready to code and fix the issue in no time. Fighting with CPU is not an easy job trust me. Thank god I am not into development side. Sometime I pity the developers who write piece of code. Childhood they spent their time in school and adulthood in office.

So here is the thing about techies, What they do in office whole day. That’s what I feel. Theres again 2 version

Version one: Male version

-They come to office at 10 in the morning, even though office starts at 9. Why they come late? Hangover? fight with wife? Building the six packs in GYM or its just a style? Odd thing!!!!

-As soon as they come they go to smoking zone. Cigarette in one hand and eyes on the ladies walking on the road, while their brain tries to remember  what work is pending. Sometimes the awesome creatures in front of their eyes make their thought go zum zum. They try hard to focus.

-Sometimes they wait for the lift and sometimes when they feel BEER tummy is getting bigger day by day they take steps.

-Once they reach their seat they open some news site and read. Then they see some boring share market curves. Then slowly they open their mail and check if any ill fated work related mail is waiting for their attention. Unwilling they open it and read it. Trust me they hate the mail more than their future mother-in-law

-When they feel the mail is too much they call their fag-buddy to coffee. Coffee cup in one hand they stand at the corner and again watch the birds coming to cafeteria. They talk about Poor Indian politics, very poor Indian  performance in test series and some new car which they planning to purchase

-Once they reach their bay they scratch their ass, head and try to work. When they think its too much they go for smoke. They come back at the right time for lunch. Again they go out for lunch. Have lunch, talk, worry about the bike loan. One more cigarette and they are back.

Around 5 they start to work seriously. Once in a while check FB.5.45 again fag and coffee. At 6.00 when all leave, they sit and work  giving a impression how hard working(hardly working) they are.

When its 8.00 they lock their system yawn and smile thinking about the “good impression” they made in front of manager. EOD their deo smell will be replace by smoke


Version Two: FeMale version

-Come to office on time. Stare at every creature in lift head to toe. When they see some fancy thing, plan to buy very next day

-Go to wash room, comb hair, apply lip balm, lipstick and smile.

-First check FB updates, gmail once they reach their seat. Crip about their work with collegue. Then chat about sale, shopping, show some cute pic to male colleague.

-If TL is Male then butter him. Lean your head 30 degree while smiling and give full attention when TL talk. No matter what bullshit they say, they laugh thinking it’s a big joke.

-Work and chat simultaneity on gmail with a friend. Create a good impression by minimizing the chat window. Order for sandals, clothes in ZABANG.com

-Go to cafeteria and bitch about TL, manager and team members. Curse every single soul in the team

-Take 1 hr 30 minutes for lunch. Discuss the dish which they prepared and some new jewelry they planning to purchase.

-After reaching the seat yawn and doze off. Around 4.00 go for cafeteria and spend 1 hr there

-At 5 come back, continue chatting, send the status and lock the system. 5.45 leave. Go to wash room, comb hair, apply lip balm and admire yourself in mirror. When they leave from office security should wonder whether they are coming in or going out.


Tell you what during project delivery without coffee break, fag break, pee break people slog to reach the dead line. When ass is on fire even human being moves faster than ROCKET. Trust me I had that experience few days back


Please Note: It’s a fun blog, read it, smile and forget.


  1. Terence Menzies says:

    Nice post but in favor of the ladies…


  2. Gaurv says:

    Poor IT fellows, and not all guys in IT smoke…!!


  3. loly says:

    hahahaa…. now this is somethin very true tat happens… 🙂


  4. Shilpa says:

    So true!! IT females are multitaskers!!


  5. swathi says:

    ha ha ha ha…..wow wat an observation :):)


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