Its all about ‘Wanna be SNL’

Posted: July 23, 2012 in My Silly thoughts
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When rain decided to not reveal its inner beauty to blore I went mad. So decided to to go to Mlore to see the beauty of the rain. I didn’t know what I was asking for then. Trust me Mlore in rainy season is not so good. It rains everyday like cats and dogs. You cant do anything without umbrella.

Saturday I met my niece. To my utter shock she recognized me. I didn’t know “Wanna be SNL” is so smart. When I said “hey sexy”, she smiled at me. I asked her “how your pa farts?” and she made a sound “phurrr”. Its obvious that I taught her that. As we reached home I started saying “ hey sexy, was up” and she said ”checkxy” in her baby language that’s when my mom, my sister and jiju in unison said “teach her something good”. I said “Come on, its cool thing”. My mom said “ I don’t want one more SNL, so please will you stop that!!!”. I said ”Ok”. When my mom turned I said “hey sexy” to my niece and she smiled. Looked like even she likes people calling her that. Tell you what kids are fun. Taking care of them is bid responsibility but trust me they make you forget everything. My niece made my sister her horse and rode in hall. Then I taught my niece to feed the horse and beat it.

Sunday I started to irritate her like how my bro used to irritate me. Clicked her pics in different poses with in different costumes. I even made her to beat my sister. I didn’t even mind when my dad used my nick to call her. After having lunch I played with her for a while and slept. After few mins she came, pulled my blanket and said “Snl get up”. She repeated two to three times. How I wanted to whack her then. She never sits in one place. She taught my dog “teddy” to shake hand. Now when she extends her hand and says hello, Teddy extends his hand too. She loves cow. In one word she likes everything which is outside. She picks the receiver and says “hello dada, how are you?”. When she keeps the receiver down my dad will telling her to keep the receiver properly. When she couldn’t do what he wanted her to do. He trained her for say 5 mins. When she was  bored she ran from there. Then my dad realized that he lost the battle.When we say rosary instead of seeing altar we see her play in the hall. She tries to climb the table, she tries to catch the bubbles, butterfly. She makes us run behind her and drives us crazy. When she sleeps we all miss her.

I want to be her cool sorry extra cool aunt snl. Who can teach her all naughty things, click all weird pics and listen to her crushes, love stories. Trust me kids are all fun. I didn’t know till “Wanna be SNL” was born.


  1. zeena says:

    so cuteeeeeeee:)


  2. ” beauty of the rain ” – your damn right..

    Nice article.. And you read this after an year and I bet you will find it as an album.

    Life is full of memories!


  3. Gaurav says:

    Your niece is very cute……..!!! 🙂


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