Its not MINE but THEIRS!!!!!

Posted: July 29, 2012 in My Silly thoughts
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One day advance to my bday I had some big plans. You see got inspired by my friend PU.  After working half day I prepared myself to lose myself in the glory of bat man. What a movie. When I was enjoying in Bangalore, group of un-educated, manner less cannibals were palling for a big move. Like how I pared for my bday by coloring my hair, they just prepared themselves with cheap liquor.

When I reached Lolys place I got some news saying “gals are beaten up”. Oh my god!!!!Thats mangalore they are talking about in TV9!! Can you believe it. AGAIN my city made big news. I just consoled my self saying “this wont be so bad, people back in my home town wont do such a cheap thing”. Unaware of the fact that they gonna prove me wrong , I just cut my bday cake. My G gang members gave me bday bums, applied the 1 kg black forest cake to my face like facial and hair like streak. Trust me it was pain. 4 of them didn’t even leave for a second. If this would have happen in mangalore, trust me we would have been beaten up and touched, lifted up some goons. I wouldn’t doubt if we would have made it to headlines, with face covered with shawl.

Goons you made it again to HEADLINES, your mom must be proud of you

When I saw the video of goons attacking the gals in a resort my blood starting boiling. Tell me goons Did your teacher taught you to beat gals and boys???…sorry I forgot that you didn’t go to school. Unlike other kids who were getting corrected by their teachers for the mistakes you were busy inhaling the smoke of ganesha beedi on streets. How I feel sorry for your sisters and mothers. If you have daughter then I just pity them. Because its written in bible what you do others will be done to you. I feel sorry for you and your family. If you think you are cleaning the society then you are wrong. First clean the city and then clean the society. Did your mother taught you to beat the gals? Do you know to respect human being? When your hands were roaming on all possible parts of helpless gals didn’t your inner voice said “its wrong”? may be you don’t have inner voice. Tell me brother who lifted the gal in pink dress, why cant you try in weight lifting? You lifted her so easily. Trust me you definitely would have got gold medal in weight lifting!!! Angry public says “should castrated those son-of-****”.If you make the sausage of their B***, which were chopped trust me even dog wouldn’t touch it. You see even dog has some principals unlike you. Are you really born from your mothers womb?????

When all this melodrama was happening some ladies came and said to police “we told you many times, but you didn’t take any action, we didn’t beat the gals”. So tell me aunties you are the one who higher the goons to make my dear mangalore famous? Oh… I pity you ladies. Even you might be having daughter, keep them in SBI locker to protect them. When all this was happening where was the police???busy boozing??? When you see the bulging beer tummy of police you feel they need do some drill.

Poor fellas who got beaten by goons .

What the heck were you thinking? Wearing those backless dress and micro mini shorts you must have thought you might make headlines in FASHION TV instead of TV9. If you want to party then party in some decent place wearing full clothes and a place where nobody can find you. Remember we all are independent human beings. If you dying to party then please get some bouncers with you, who can make those goons flat on their tummy with one shot. I know sounds very filmy but that’s the reality. If you are not localite then let me tell you one thing “BEWARE OF XYZ”. I don’t know who are they, but I know they are jobless and manner less. After the attack on PUB long long back localities know the situation. Even I think twice before entering some restaurant with my family and friends. You see the FEAR is already taken root soon it gonna be a big tree like banyan tree.

Its sad to say that its not my city anymore, its theirs. They make the rules. When police and rotten Politian’s bend it like Beckham, poor helpless human being suffers. Ohh man I will never say “MY MANGALORE” anymore. I will say “its theirs”, I am just a puppet who watches the show and lives with pain. How I hate to say that.

I will surely miss my old, peaceful Mangalore. RIP Managlore, may your soul rest in peace forever

  1. Gaurav says:

    It’s more or less situation of our hole country, i think it is more rooted in some of the obnoxious people of the society, even I think it the fault of our social upbringing, as everyone is more bothered about the habits, culture, any thing a girl do in family where as a boy in the family has lot more birthright freedom, and most of his small mistakes are not even considered mistekes, and which makeing our society day by day a hypocrite male dominant society…..I feel pity about the way women in our society are seen.!!……:((((((((((


  2. Terence says:

    Nice and very well said…the stupid people should let everyone enjoy their freedom…


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