Lucky If you have ONE

Posted: August 8, 2012 in My Silly thoughts
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She’s always there when you need her, She consoles you when you lose in first round in badminton, she pats your back controlling her laugh seeing your torn underpants, she washes your clothes without complaining, she shows interest in your numerous Huge-crush, definitely-love stories, hugs you when you scream in your nightmare, teaches you during your exam. This “SHE” is definitely is “Elder” or “Younger” sister. Trust me I have one and she’s like a gem.

As I am blessed with an elder sister I know how important is to have a female shadow over you other than your mom. Elder sisters are like second mommy and younger ones are I don’t know. May be fighter cocks if I consider myself. They love you, take care of you, be responsible for you, always be there when you need someone. No matter how much you fight with them.

Being a responsible elder sister she used to teach me during my exams. In gratitude I used to beat her and scratch her. That’s me, real me. My brothers used to beat me and I used to beat my sister. It was like take your revenge on helpless people. My sister never used to complain about it. Trust me I was baby devil. I knew it if my dad will come to know about it then he will hang me to the mango tree. So I used to beat my sister in my dad’s absence. I was very smart. When I couldn’t take my 2 bros domination I told my dad “popsi, can you send me to karate classes, you see self-protective….He never allowed me to continue my sentence. He said “without any training you are like this, I don’t want a professional fighter in my family. Go and study for dictations”. How I was angry with my dad then. I said in my mind “old tiger, gonna cut your tail soon”.

With time I grew up and my sister became very good friend. Trust me sisters are always easy to talk. I used to tell her all class stories, my crush stories, cow shit, bull shit everything I used to tell. She just used to listen. Occasionally she used to give me pocket money too. Being a teacher she had this thing “too-much-money-too bad” policy. When she got married I felt sorry for myself. I used to call every day and disturb her. Sometimes just missed calls and sometimes long calls. I know her in-laws must have cursed me to the core. My sister is a cleanliness freak. I used to eat chocolates and hide the wrapper behind the door and she used to find out. Then she used to make me to put that rapper in dustbin. But me being me used to hide that wrapper somewhere else.

I call her with different names and she responds with a smile. I have this bad habit of beating while talking. Other day while talking I beat her once later again and again. Again I raised my hand in air to beat her up when pat pat karke she beat me. When I felt fire burning sensation I looked at her with angry eyes and she said “that’s how I feel when you beat me”. I said “Couldn’t you give the demo bit …. and raised my hand. When I saw her hand ready for me I kept my hand in my pocket. Whenever my jiju sees me beating his wife he says “how dare you to beat my wife??”. To mock him I beat my sister in front of him and run for my life. One day I was busy mocking my jiju, I didn’t realize my dad watching from other end. When I started running he caught me. He along with my sister beat me. Wonder why always take my sisters side. Earlier I had Ancy( my dog) who used to bite everyone those who used to chase me. But now I am a lone fighter.

If you are lone kid then boy you are missing out so much fun. Its always wonderful to have a responsible elder sister and baby-devil younger sister. Wonder whether my bros knows how blessed he is. None the less Happy Rakshbandan to all.

(Raki story: Festival celebrated all over India. Sister ties a knot to brother expressing her love towards Bros. Bros show their gratitude with big big Indian rupees and gifts. Indians believe that if a gal ties a rakhi(not the sawanth) to a guy then he becomes her bro. No more love, crush bla bla. So what these gals do  tie rakhi to all those guys who tease them expect one!!!!)

  1. shrushetty says:

    i really pity on ur siblings baby devil 😛


  2. loly says:

    🙂 baby devil….u r d DEvil himself…


  3. Deekshith Shetty says:

    “without any training you are like this, I don’t want a professional fighter in my family.

    Ur dad is really rite !!!


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