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Posted: August 18, 2012 in STORY
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When her friends left her in the airport, tears started flowing down her cheek. She knew she gonna miss them a lot in this 2 months. Even though its her wish to go she felt really sick when she thought about staying somewhere far away from family and friends. She wiped her tears ,kept her goggles and started walking towards the departure sector. Her aura made people keep on staring at her.

After completing BE, when finally she got job in IT she thought she made her parents proud.24 year old, sophisticated, confident, smart, fun loving Sanie didn’t know that “marriage” is all parents look for after certain age. She always thought marriage is nothing but 2 mutually understanding people sharing the same roof without any trouble. As she loved being single and having fun with her friends marriage was the last thing she was worried. In the present world where people spend in corer’s for short duration marriage she didn’t wanted to think about it. Her Elder brother Adam always told her “gals cant stay single for long“.

When her TL came and said about onsite opportunity without giving a second thought she agreed to go. She didn’t even wanted to give a second thought. When she came to know that London gonna be her “current city in FB” she was over the moon. Her parents had given 2 hours free lecture on “No-Need-before-marriage”. Guess they were scared that she will fall in love with fringe or may be she will get the fringe guy to introduce to them saying “son-in law- or maybe they thought she will end up in living relationship. Parent’s brain can never rest when they have a soon-to-be married-daughter.

Sanie looked out of the window. She thought soon she gonna be in London. She had mentally prepared for this. She had small diary containing all necessary points she noted down, Places to visit, her friends “get-me-from-There-List, dads whiskey list. She smiled when she saw the diary. As plane took off from the Bangalore runway, a tear rolled down her cheek. It was obvious she gonna miss her place, her country.

It was mind blowing weather when the plane landed in Heathrow airport. Wow, what a place. She was very lucky to visit London in the spring time when whole city will be blooming with all colors.


As she was in clients place she took hardly some time to understand the work pressure. She worked so hard that she hardly had time to miss her home. As weekend was near she made plans to explore the city. When she got up following Saturday a small package caught her attention. When she was waiting for the flight in Bangalore airport, her friends had given her a package and said “this will be useful in London”. She held the package and closed her eyes trying to picturise the useful thing her friends gifted her. With a smile on her face expecting to find bikini or some tube tops she opened the package. She was so happy to see a short denim skirt. Wow she taught. She tried it on and it was well fitted. Only problem was it was very short and had no slit. She never wore such clothes in her life time. She looked out through her hotel window and saw the carefree Britain’s. She picked the skirt and a top matching to the skirt and walked towards the bath room. When she saw her reflection in the mirror she fell in love with herself. She wore her hig heeled black sandals and picked her camera and walked towards the elevator. All she wanted was to spend the day without any worries.

As she walked out she felt for the first time in her life she’s so happy. Nobody to tell her what she has to wear or how to behave. She placed her sun glasses and looked at the blue sky. Romantic weather for lovers she taught. She hung the camera strap around her neck and started walking.

It was noon and she was tired. When she saw the steps in front of her she felt terrible. She cursed herself for wearing high heels on sightseeing. She climbed the steps one at a time. She was bit conscious though. It was then she taught she can’t walk with those sandals.  She bent to take off her sandals when she heard a sound. It took little while to realize that her slit less miniskirt made a slit by itself. She was so embarrassed that she covered the slit with her hand. If she was in India she would have died with the shame. She searched for a pin her bag. As she was running out of her luck she was unable to find any useful things in her bag. What she was thinking when she wore the skirt. She looked around. All she wanted was to run to her room and change her clothes. As nobody was observing her she taught it’s the right time to escape. Slowly she got down from the steps. Her six senses told her that her moments are observed not that she cared but still …. Slowly again she turned around.  Then she spotted him. He was there down near the first step. He stood there watching her every move and laughing at her. It hardly took few seconds to realize that he is an Indian. All she wanted do is to spat on his face for laughing at her. She stood there watching him. He had tough time controlling his laughter.

Sanie got angry and got down from the steps 2 at a time and stood in front of the guy. He stopped laughing was staring her. His blue eyes matching the sky got her full attention.

Sanie said “shame on you, you pervert son-……”.

The stranger said “hold on your tongue mam, you are not in India to abuse me. I can put you behind the bars for abusing me”.

Sanie said “ohh yeah!!! Now I should listen to a free lecture from a pervert who laughs at a helpless lady”.

The stranger smiled and Sanie held her breath. He came bit close to her and said “Lady in mini skirt and high heels is far away from being helpless”

Sanie’s face turned red with embarrassment. The stranger said “alone lady in strange country with tempting clothes is an open invitations for all perverts”. With that he started to walk.

Sanie for the first time in London felt vulnerable. Slowly she said “wait, don’t abandon me like this please. I know Indians do help their countrymen”.

The stranger stopped and with his back towards her said “Indians do help their countrymen but it depends on the situation you see”. Slowly he turned towards her. When he saw her tearful eyes he cut his unfinished sentence.

Sanie said “I am sorry I was rude. You can leave, ill mange on my own”. With that she started to walk. She continued walking until she found a bench to sit. There she sat, wiped her unshed tears and drank some water from her bottle. She couldn’t understand why she was crying. She’s a smart gal and she was in worse situation before. She sat there for a while doing nothing but seeing the nature and people around her. When she felt better she got up and started to walk. She stopped when somebody from her behind said “you cant go around like this. People will think that you are a w.. ”

Sanie turned to face the stranger. He looked straight in to her eyes and said “come with me ill drop you”. When Sanie started to walk he held her hand and said “don’t create a scene my fellow Indian, even though your species is good at that”.

Sanie said “why you worry stranger, you must be having enough work to worry about”. He didn’t wait till she was finished he continued walking with Sanie’s hand in his. He stopped a taxy and told her to get in; when she didn’t move he pushed her in. He said “Driver needs your address stop acting like a kid and tell”. Sanie slowly told her address. All she wanted was to slap the stranger for behaving so rude with her. When the taxi stopped right front of her hotel she turned towards him. Before she know what’s happening he pushed her outside and said “never ever wear those clothes again”. With that he was gone.

She couldn’t even thank the stranger properly. Even thought he was rude he helped her that’s what touched her the most. With her mind full of his thoughts she walked to her room. She didn’t had a clue that soon very soon she is going to meet the king of her thoughts again.

(To be continued…………)

(my most awaited love story(not-my-lovestory)… tell what you think about it.)

  1. harish says:

    good one to start with and the chapter follows ….


  2. Gaurav says:

    I like it…waiting for next….!!


  3. zeena says:

    waiting for the next chapter…….:)


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