Forever Yours……chapter2

Posted: August 19, 2012 in STORY

When Sanie opened her eyes on Sunday morning first thing she remembered was Strangers face. She just wanted to thank him in a proper way. Against her will her heart started beating fast whenever she thought about him. She pinched her cheek and said to herself “stop acting like a teenager and take out those bla bla thoughts about him”.

As it was Sunday she got ready for mass. She wore a long skirt and a matching top. When she saw her torn skirt she cursed her friends for gifting her that.

When she reached the church, the mass was not yet started. As she walked in the aisle she was confused where to sit. Then she saw an empty bench in the middle. As she didn’t wanted to sit in front she knelt there. When she was praying a lady came and knelt beside her. When she sat on bench she saw a guy sitting next to that lady. As he looked familiar she looked at him again. When she realized it is the same stranger her heart started to dance. She said to the lady “if you don’t mind can I sit next to him please, he a friend of mine”. When the lady got up to give her the place next to the stranger he looked at Sanie. If he was surprised to see her he didn’t show it on his face. He slowly said “thank god the skirt is not torn!!!” Before Sanie could talk to him the priest started the mass. Sanie thanked god for giving her an opportunity to meet the stranger. She thought after the mass she can talk to him. May be she can buy a Thank-You-coffee

Sanie was waiting with patience for the mass to get over. When the last hymn was sung Sanie knelt again and started praying. When she opened her eyes the stranger was gone. She felt sick to the core. She ran outside to have a glimpse of him. But he was gone. She thought the stranger got lot of attitude. She wiped the sadness from her face and said to herself “you will rot in hell with that attitude”. She hated people with attitude. She knew it then she never ever going to like the stranger who helped her in her life time

As there was loads of work her mind stopped thinking about the stranger.  He was almost out of her mind. On Friday there was a dinner party from office in famous pub “The Angel”. She liked the place. It was dusky and crowded. People tapped their feet for the classic English songs. When it was 10.30 she saw a guy with guitar standing in front of the mike. The guy who was responsible for announcements said “ladies and gentleman, I present you our own, fabulous singer Jacob”. The crowd went mad when they heard his name. A spot light was focus on the guy. It was then Sanie saw the same stranger. With that faded jeans, half buttoned white shirt and cow boy hat he looked like a lady-killer. With that look Sanie thought he can kill thousands of women. She looked around and saw the ladies blowing kisses in his directions. “JACOB” Sanie repeated his name in her mind. The name very well suited him she thought. She sat on her chair with her eyes on Jacob never blinking and ears all open to hear his melodious voice.

When Jacob Held the guitar close to his heart and started singing she thought “he has the most wonderful, hypnotizing voice”. His emotions were going with the song. When he sang the last chorus the people maintained pin-drop silence. When he finished the song the people started shouting “once more Jacob for old time sake”. Jacob pushed his hat back and started singing new song. People got up from their chair and started dancing to his tune. Sanie was fascinated to see the magic around her. When she saw Jacob again he was smiling. The smiling carefree guy didn’t even show the sign of little bit attitude. She got down from her chair and walked towards the stage. As it was over crowded she had tough time reaching the stage. By the time she reached the stage Jacob finished his song and was gone. She felt miserable again.

Seeing him today in that extra cool attitude her nerves started singing a new song. The draught beer she drank made her nerves numb or the heart touching Jacob is responsible for her misery she didn’t had a clue. All she wanted was to know the sometimes cold-sometime nice Jacob. She said to herself “little bit of romance doesn’t harm anyone, for god sake Sanie you are in London, the city of ROMANCE”

(its obvious Sanie is waiting for the Sunday to meet Jacob…What happens next….????? keep guessing)

  1. Gaurav says:

    It seems like girl/boy falling in love(may be I am wrong), make it different (my request…!!)something like.. which you wrote for last valentine’s day(I really loved that) it was more realistic to me…!!


  2. Gaurav says:

    When will the next chapter published……? PPl are waiting…..:P


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