My First..hopefully last aCCident

Posted: September 9, 2012 in My Silly thoughts

Last time when I was at home to see my “Imaginary uncle”, who was fighting with death, I was frightened like kitten. Actually I wanted to make my already dead grandpa a sick but thought my TL wont buy that so had to message him mi;night saying “sorry, I am on my way to see my uncle”. I am sure he didn’t believe that either.

When I pressed the stubborn self-starter of Activa I didn’t had a clue what is going to happen. As I increased the speed many eyes turned into my direction. I smiled remembering the joke “no biker can over take a lady on a scooty”. I was smiling when I saw a rick blocking my way. I honked my horn two three times. When he saw my impatience he started the engine. That’s when I saw two buses coming from opposite direction. I didn’t care as the first bus passed without any problem. But boy when the second bus came I got showered by the dirty water. All thanx to the water streams and ponds in the road. I cursed the driver and kept on going as I didn’t have any other option. I knew it my dentist might laugh seeing my white shirt dotted with dark orange spots. When he saw me he just smiled and said “bad roads still haunt people like us” and then he removed his over coat. I laughed my lungs out when I saw his orange spot shirt.

As I was blessed till last month I didn’t know how it is to be a part of an accident. Me, jiju and my sis were returning back from Mangalore. As it was getting late my jiju increased the speed. Most of the turns I reminded him to honked the horn. I just sat back in my seat and was thinking “it will be late when I reach home”. Its then I realized in slow motion that out car had hit a biker coming from opposite side. As everybody says “it was not our fault”. Biker was in full speed and was in middle of the road instead of left.

Jiju stopped the car. Me and my sister ran to the biker to see what happened to him. When we were unaware of the fact that our poor car was injured, my jiju was inspecting it carefully. We saw the biker who seems to be ok after few minor injuries. The first thing he did was to call his I don’t know may be relative. I went back to our car to see my jiju’s worried face, front tire was punctured. As my jiju started working on something called Stefani and the screw driver I stood there helplessly with my sister. I told my sister “AL should have taught us that”. My sister smiled and said “yeah, he should have”. Its then I realized having a car is not important but knowing how to change the tire is important. May if I wore a mini skirt I would made some of the guys to change the tire but again I was running out of my luck. When I couldn’t stand there watching my jiju fighting with screw driver I called my bros friend. No matter what you should have somebody to take your side. As we were running out of luck they were in Mangalore. But one guy assure  that somebody will be there in a minute.( “Friend in need is friend in deed”. “Thank you guys”)

My jiju changed tire under the examination of some strangers. I felt really sad. Me and my sister helped him like helper gals like picking and shifting the tire under the observation of male and female spectators.

That’s the day got to know many things like nobody will ever help the person who is injured and the person whose car is injured.

When we reached the hospital my bros friends were there to boost us up. They are the ones who told us not to worry about the injured person. Even doctor would have taken some time to examine the person but they didn’t.

While doctors were examining “the injured person” my jiju called my dad. My dad stared saying “I will be right there” in spite of telling that his 2 daughters and one SIL(Son-In-Law) are fine. He said only one thing” If they register a case I know some people and wait for me;I am coming”. OH popsi!!!i didn’t know you are so influential with those broken teethJ

After a while injured persons dad came. My jiju started explaining the scenario. Like we were on the correct side and he was wrong…..bla bla bla. Then he opened the dickey to show the dead tire. When he was showing there was a guy standing next to our car. He came forward to see the dead tire. But before he could lay his eyes on that my jiju closed the dickey. After sometimes again some of his relative came. Jiju again started explaining right from the beginning…blab la. Again he opened the dickey to show the tire and again the guy standing next to the car came forward to see and before he could my jiju closed the dickey. This happened almost like I don’t know I lost the count. I felt sad for the guy because till end he couldn’t see what he wanted to.

I was tired seeing the execution of infinite loop. It was like ‘we were on correct right, he was on wrong side, he was in full speed, he applied the break……”. My ear drums started bleeding listening to the same story. My sister said “you leave, you will get late to catch your bus”. I called my TL and said “met with an accident….we were on correct side and………..My sister got injured”. Last sentence I added from my pocket. Before I could with my unseen action and expression he said “fine ya”. I said “Thank you sooo much, you are too nice”.

Before I could disconnect the call I saw the oldie figure coming towards us. It was my dad. He was breathing heavily. I said “take a deep breath and tell me how you came”. He said “I was waiting for the bus, but cursed bus didn’t even stop. That’s when I stopped a bike and asked for a lift”.  I smiled thinking “Oldie can still be a super cool hitchhiker”.

We argued and they argued……. I was tired, hungry. Chicken pups from Vas bakery, Mallikatte was mocking me from the back seat of our car. Tell you what, if you ever been to Mangalore try chicken pups from Vas bakery ,they are just awesome. When we reached home my mom was scanning everyone. When she couldn’t find any bandage she exhaled and said “I have prepared something nice”.

My sis and me started hogging like dogs while my jiju started explaining right from the beginning to my bro. I closed my ears.

Still I remember the day, place and the whole incident and the story “we were on correct side….”. Whenever I start my active I tell Jesus “not today or any other day, I hate to die as spinster!!!”

  1. wilson says:

    hey nice one.. at last u wrote about it, n about ur fav frnd. tht guy in that rickshaw. 🙂 🙂


  2. navee says:

    “We were on correct side…” lol I used to chant this line to traffic police but they were intelligent 😦 “and hate to die as spinster” haha

    Absolutely Good 🙂


  3. Gaurav says:

    Oh..that’s so bad…what about the guy who hit you car… he alright…..!!


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