Forever Yours……chapter4

Posted: September 13, 2012 in STORY
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Sanie’s fingers itched to dial Jacob’s number. Every time she saw her cell she wanted to see his number. It was like magic numbers for Sanie. She smiled again seeing the number and tried to concentrate on her work.

On Friday evening Sanie was packing her bag to leave the office she got a call. When saw the name displayed on her cell phone her heart bloomed like sun flower.

Jake said “My six sense told me that Lady need some company , she’s bored working ”. Sanie smiled seeing how good Jake is with the words. Sanie straighten her back, hid her excitement and said “Says who???She already has company”. Jakes voice fell he said “I didn’t know that lady is quiet famous!!”. Sanie felt sad because he gave up so easily. She said “Lady have to visit her friend, who was serious last Sunday”. Jacke’s laughter made Sanie smile. Jake said “I will be waiting, let me know when you leave office”.

Sanie picked her bag and went to wash room. She combed her hair and applied light pink lipstick and little gloss. She looked at her wrinkled top and tried to hide the wrinkles. When she realized her efforts are fruitless she picked her bag and said to her reflection “will you care for those wrinkles or that shiny lip gloss?”. The lady came from the closed door which Sanie didn’t notice earlier said “I am sure he will love the second one”. Sanie smiled and left the room.

Jake was waiting for her when she reached the place. She stood there for a minute watching the pacing Jake. He looked taller and sexier in that blue faded jeans and half sleeves check shirt. When he saw her he walked towards her with 100v glow on his face. Its then Sanie saw a rose in his hand. He extended the flower towards her and said “this is for the lady who is so generous “. Sanie took the rose and said “wowow, boy, from where you pick those lines”. Jake smiled and said “you remember I am good with words”. Sanie said “anything else you good at? like…Ga..? Jake realized that sanie is pulling his leg. He looked around and said “yes mam I am good with guitar if that’s what you meant”. Sanie said “hell no!!!!!Whatever, where are you taking me?”. Jake extended his hand and said “wherever I want”. Sanie saw the extended hand and took it in her own. She felt nice, wonderful. She looked at his calm face and thought how lively he looks always.

Jake took her to an English restaurant. Jake ordered for wine. They were middle of some conversation when the couples started taking the dance floor. Jake looked at Sanie who eyes were dazzling seeing the other couple. He got up from his seat and pulled Sanie with him. She Pulled Jake back she didn’t wanted to embarrass herself as she was a poor dancer. Jake dragged her along the way. When she saw him she knew it he won’t let anything happen. Slowly she kept her hand in Jakes hand. As Jake was tall she reached only till his chest. She had to look up to see his face. It was for the third song the light went dim and more romantic song was being played. Jake pulled Sanie closer. If she wanted she could have pulled back but she didn’t. It was like she was meant to be there in those strong arms.She wanted to spend her rest of life doing nothing but this. She looked up to look at Jake. But he was seeing somewhere else. It was like he is trying to see beyond space. Sanie slowly leaned her head on his shoulder and said “wow I didn’t know that I can dance”. Jake said “I can make anybody dance”.Sanie giggled and Jake slowly very slowly kissed her on her lips. Sanie was shocked because it was all of sudden. She stood there for a minute motionless. Her first kiss, most awaited kiss. She looked at Jake who was waiting for some kind of sign. When he didn’t get any he held her close. When song ended it was like they moved back from other planet. They had their dinner in silence.

Jake dropped her till her room. He was about to say something when he saw Sanie trying to reach his face. He said ‘what is it?is something on my face?”. Sanie said “nothing. You were saying something” He said “I am sorry for that kiss ,I didn’t intended to but it just happened. May be wine made me go crazy”. Sanie looked at him and said “But I am not sorry. If you don’t mind can you bend a little”. When Jake did as he was told , Sanie kissed him on his lips and whispered in his ears “its just that I didn’t had a clue”. With her arms around his neck Jake lifted her off her feet and said “hence forth I will announce before I kiss you, promise”. Sanie giggled and said “I like that. Promise never to break,let me seal the promise with a kiss!”


(Instead of kiss sty if i added peeing story it would have made some impact. Love,kiss,break up ,tears oh boy why i end up writing the same stuff again???May be its what people like even thought its pain in ass:))

  1. Melvina says:

    Usually I do not read post on blogs, but I would like to say that this write-up very forced me to try and do so! Your writing style has been surprised me. Thanks, very nice article.


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