Forever Yours……chapter5

Posted: September 17, 2012 in STORY
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Sanie woke up on Saturday morning with a head ache. She saw her reflection in the mirror and was horrified. Messy hair, swollen lips, wrinkled clothes. Wait a minute where is the top button. She smiled seeing the missing the button. She smiled herself remembering previous night. Even though she was scared from inside she was happy. For the first time she liked somebody so much she didn’t wanted to think anything else. She had few doubts about their future but for a while she just wanted to enjoy.  First time she was ready to give a shot with a total stranger. She touched her lips where Jacob had imprinted his lips and smiled. She was still smiling when her phone rang. Butterflies flew even more high when she heard the only voice she wanted to hear.

Jake said ”Looks like I interrupted you…should I call you back later?”. Sanie said “na, tell me hero was up”. Jacke smiled and said “ohh ohh…..looks like lady is in good mood!!”. Sanie said “yeah sure”. Jake said “I want to take you out I will be there at 12.00 be ready”. Before she could say anything Jacob had disconnected the call. Sanie was shocked to see Jakes confidence.

In white and blue shorts Sanie was waiting for Jake. He was looking breath taking in his white t-shirt and blue jeans. She smiled seeing that both of them had worn same color. Sanie giggled and caught Jakes hand in hers. Jake kissed on her cheek and said “May be it looks like I am rushing but I want to show you this place.”. Sanie stood on her toes and kissed him back and said “sure, be my guide hero”.

When Sanie got down from the taxi she was shocked to see the greenery around her. Jake came wearing his glares. Wow Sanie thought he is like a Greek god. Sanie stood there watching just him but nothing else. How she wanted to be with this man. When Jake turned and whistled she came to reality. With her glares on she walked towards him and hugged him. She said “thank you for making me part of this”. Jake squeezed her hand and started walking. They must have walked 30 minutes without break. Jake kept on walking but Sanie couldn’t. She said “where are you planning to tell me now else I will kill you right here”. Jake came towards her and pulled her band which held her black hair together and said “you look lovely when you are angry!!”. Sanie tried to snatch the band and said “boy, don’t you have any other dialogue???all guys use the same”. Jake said “I will piggy back you, come on hop in”. Sanie giggled and said “ha my hero, are you Edward-the vampire who can fly?”. Jake pulled her to his back and said “na babe, I am Jake the human”.

Jake was walking as if Sanie’s weaight didn’t bother him at all. Sanie was listening to her own heart beat. Her hands were around jakes neck and his around her knees. Nobody had taken her piggy back so far. She hugged him tight and said in her mind “thank you for doing this. I don’t know what I feel is real or not but boy I am in love with you. Please don’t break my heart. I want you and your love nothing else”.

When finally Jake stopped she said “hey lad, what happned? Tired should I piggy back you now?”. Jake put her down and turned her around. There it was breath taking view. In middle of thick greenery there was this water fall. Even though it was far it looked like milk flowing down in a stream.  She stood there motionless absorbing all possible inputs. Seeing the scenery she was so happy her eyes filled with tears. Jake came and stood behind her without saying anything. They stood there for a while slowly Sanie turned towards him.

She stood there with him by her side. Staring at him with all love and care she felt for him. Slowly she raised her hand to his cheek. He stepped forward so that even he could feel her touch. He didn’t even want to miss a tiny little thing. He looked more handsome with the shining sun she thought. Cold breeze, warm weather, romantic surroundings all she wanted was to rest in his arms near to his heart;Where two heart can hear to each other and talk in their own way anything, everything. She traced her finger slowly around his cheek. He stepped close and looked at her with same or may be more tender and love. Sanie longed to be in his arms. It was like a perfect moment. She extended her hand never breaking the eye contact. He held her hand in his softly. How well her hand fitted in his. It was unsaid promise which last forever. Sanie saved the moment in her memory which can never be deleted. She thought finally I found a guy whom I am going to love and care. She smiled and held his hand more tightly as if she never want to let it go. Jake looked different. Slowly he opened his arms and Sanie walked into them and hugged him.

With his arms wrapped around her she could feel his as well as her heart beat. Slowly she looked up at him. How she wanted to see his face then. Slowly she put his hair back from his forehead. Jake with his one arm around her pulled her rubber band with other. Her hair started flying with the breeze in all possible direction. Jake played with her hair and very slowly bought her lips close to his. Sanie gave it in and said in her mind “it’s a promise, I am yours forever no matter what”.


(wht will happen next?……………………………………………….keep guessing)

  1. Fernande says:

    Simply a smiling visitor here to share the love (:, btw great style and design .


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