Forever Yours……chapter11

Posted: October 2, 2012 in STORY
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Jake saw his wife cooking in the kitchen along with his mom and smiled. He thought it would have been impossible for him to live happily in this state. He moved his wheelchair towards his love of his life. Sanie saw her husband coming towards the kitchen and said “you want anything Jake? Don’t tire yourself; your juice is almost ready”. Jake ignored his wife’s glare and reached her. He slowly moved his hand over her belly. How he loved to touch her swollen belly where his baby sorry their babies were growing. He smiled sensing the movement. Sanie held his hand and said “they just love it when their father touches them”.

Jake hid his joy when Sanie told him that he is going to be father. He cried with joy when he came to know he and Sanie are having twins. He wanted to live, wanted to take care of the twins and his darling wife, he wanted to be there when his babies walk, ride cycle, he wanted to be there when Sanie needs him. That night he cried himself to sleep. He felt helpless

Next day when he got up in the morning he moved his hand over Sanies belly and said “You want them?”.

Sanie looked at him confused and said “what do you mean by that Jake?”

Jake held Sanie’s face in his hand and said “I wont be around Sanie. I don’t know how you will manage on your own. You can give the babies to couple who never go……”

With tearful eyes Sanie said “how could you say that to me Jake? How could you? These babies are my life, I can never think anything like that. Don’t ever talk about it. “

It was the last time Jake spoke about giving up his babies. He loved his wife and admired her courage. She never cried in front of him. During his chemotherapy session she was holding his hand and strengthen him. He felt she is breaking down from inside. He loved his life now. He talked to his babies like a real father. He told them bed time stories. He still loved the way they moved whenever he touched them. He felt he and the babies have a special bond.


It was during Christmas time his condition got worse. He was admitted to hospital. Sanie never left his side. He was breathing through pipes now.

On Christmas Eve he couldn’t keep grinning looking at his wife. In red color dress and with swollen belly Sanie was looked like a Santa clause. On his request Sanie wore black belt around her belly. He held her hand said “I told Santa to look after my family. Hope he will do that for me”.

Sanie whispered in his ears “Sure honey, Santa will never disappoint people who trust him.

Sanie sat beside him and held his hand as if she never wants to let it go. She knew how much she going to miss him, his touch and his kiss. It was around 2.00 in the morning on Christmas day Jake stopped breathing. Sanie sat beside him holding his hand and talking to his lifeless body with tears. She was in pain.

It was after few hours her water bag broke. Immediately she was taken to the delivery room. Doctor had to do an operation as the umbilical cord was twisted around the babies.

Doctors were shocked to see the lifeless babies. When doctors removed the two dead of the babies they thought they can save Sanie, but they couldn’t go against gods wish.


As a family they left this mortal world to live as a family in the immortal world.

  1. wilson says:

    oh…. i thot it wud b a happy ending.. what did u do.. not fair..


  2. Gaurav says:

    It’s very said in the end… was not what I expected….yar everyone loves happy ending……how can you do that….??


  3. Lyuba says:

    i just read this last chapter…it was a sad ending…will not read rest of the chapters .


  4. megha says:

    though its sad ending i liked it…wen one cant be together, one shud nt be alone als…


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