On OUR OWN…Second day

Posted: October 6, 2012 in My Silly thoughts

Second Day:

We kept the alarm at 6.30. The weather was so nice we didn’t feel like getting up. It was around 7 finally we got up. As soon as we got up Loly disappeared somewhere outside. After brushing my teeth and attending my long lasted nature call when I went in search of Loly I found her with Blacky , a Alsatian cross dog. I was mesmerized seeing the dog. Loly said “feed him biscuit and he will love you”. I stood there watching him. He came and jumped on me. I patted his neck and said “good boy”.

It was then I realized the lady standing there. She was a beauty. Wowow with the flawless skin and that complexion i thought she is really pretty. Even she patted Blacky and cuddled him. She said “so where you guys are planning to leave?”. Loly looked at me and I looked at her. Then she blinked her eyes several times and said “  around 10.30 toBellur”. Lady said “we were planning to go to Bababudangiri, but looks like rain spoilt the roads”. We just nodded our head agreeing with her. Then we clicked few pics with Balcky. Its then my hand itched to irritate the dog bit. I touched his nose. The look he gave me I was sure he wanted to kill me. Instead of killing me he tried to grab my hand and my extra smart brain told me to withdraw my hand on time. Ohhh I looked at him and I knew then I cant be his friend anymore because I broke his trust. I envied Loly who was still playing with the dog. Hyper active Pu came running with Camera in her hand and said “run girl run, time for boating”.





They are beauty……..

It was a peddling boat. When I saw only two people can peddle I said “you guys carry on I will join you guys in next round” .Its then Loly said “come on honey you peddle and I will sit back”. With Loly sitting back and me under-weight person peddling sounds miserable. I said “Ok I will sit back”. Our captain Pu was directing the boat and I was admiring the beauty of the nature, water and ducks. There were 8 ducks swimming and having bath. Dileep was clicking our pics in all possible ­­direction on our instruction. Dileep said “take Blacky with you, he loves to boat”. We crazy people took Blacky for a spin. He stood in middle of the boat barking at the ducks. Many times I felt he might jump into the water and catch those ducks. Rest of the people in Resort were just admiring us having fun. It was amazing feeling. I felt so happy and carefree. After boating we went for a walk in the coffee estate. We walked with Blacky by our side. I felt I am at home with my dogs Rum, Taqui and Teddy.


That’s us with Blacky

After a long walk we came back and Loly said “I feel something is biting me”. She showed an insect and said “Snl is this litchi?”. I said “Its not l litchi but it may be leech”. Then we all three started doing Thandav. Our legs were attacked by blood sucking creature.

Dileep bought salt and sprinkled on that insect. We cleaned our legs and went to our room to refresh.

A firm knock on the door interrupted our deep conversation of “how will travel to Bellur”. It was the same pretty lady who had spoken to us was standing there. We all three looked at her with a question mark on our face. She said “even we are planning to go to Bellur, if you girls are fine you can join us”. All three looked into each other and hid our smile. Pu said “oh,,, that will be nice”. We decided to meet around 10.30.

After having bath we started to pack. Its then my 4th top came out from my bag. Pu said “tell me totally how many pair of clothes you bought?”. I smiled and said “not many”. She said “no wonder you look like Kangaroo with that bag”. I said “enough jokes, hurry up we don’t want to make the lady wait”. Pu said “OMG, Roza Pinto is back”. I said “time you tell me the story behind Roza Pinto”. Pu giggled and said “she’s my granny, passed away long back. Looks like she has come back in your form. You are too irritating”. I said “Roza Pinto My ass pack your bags”. Loly stood there watching us. She said “you both stop fighting NOW!!”.

10.30 Pretty Lady and her husband were waiting for us. We said farewell to Suraj, Joseph, Dileep, Blacky and rabbit. We felt really bad while leaving.

Pretty lady told her name Ham( I trimmed it) and her husband’s name AR(Trimmed it too). Her name was pretty like her. Her husband was a gentleman. He smiled and said Hello to us. They were a lovely couple. When we reached Chikmagalur city Loly said “where is Naidu street?”. Me and Pu were like “why Loly? who is there?”. Loly said “Just like that”. Then we started teasing Loly saying “Naidu street Naidu street”. We crossed few lanes and suddenly Loly beat me and said “look there Nadiu street, see there St. Joseph church and school , see there Asraya Hospital.”. Pu said “wowow Loly when was it your friend farted for first time?”. Loly said “you girls will never change!!!”

Ham said that they are from Bangalore and came for a short vacation. We said “first time on our own”. She just smiled. It was then me and Pu started to talk in Konkani. Loly Warned us “keep quiet let them drive peacefully, remember they are our host”. We ignored her and continued talking.

We were on the way to Bellur when we asked “Ham, Do you travel often?”. When we heard her answer we felt embarrassed that we asked that question. She has travelled to many places. She knows all nice places in Karnatake as well as India. She has visited even Ladakh. I said “your dad never say anything?”. She smiled and said “I guess he is the one who is my inspiration”. I thought “boy, your popsi is so cool and awesome. Hope my popsi was cool like him!!!”. My next question was to Ar “even you travel more often?”. He laughed and said “not often but whenever possible I do travel. She travels with her cousin. She even spends her nights on roadside in tent when shes doing her road trips”. We were like OMG, This lady is super cool. Its then she said “I am planning to open my travel agency, my website is almost ready”. I was speechless. She was Ex-infy lady. That was the first time I met a techie that too lady, being so adventurous.

We reached Bellur. We lost our self in the beauty of the temple. We just glared the at beautiful statues. Almost all statues were nude. But instead of seeing their nudeness we admired the beauty of the sculptor!!!! Wow that’s all we could say.

After lunch we headed back to Bangalore. On the way back to Bnagalore me and PU chatted non-stop for almost 4 hours. Loly said “for god sake women shut your mouth. They are making us a favor by giving us a drop. Its their car, let them sit in peace”. Pu looked at Loly and said “go back to sleep lady”.

From far away I saw that we are nearing the toll gate  and told loly “wake up sleeping beauty, take this money and be ready to pay, don’t let them pay”. Loly opened her eyes and blinked for several minutes and said “okkk”. Before Loly could move Ham paid the money. I said “You are one Hippo”. Pu said “if you were there I am sure you would have done anything to pay that amount. May be you would have jumped out of the window”. I smiled and said “yeah pu, you are ekdum correct”. On next toll gate Loly was alert but she could not match Ham speed. She smiled and said “its ok”.

We reached Bangalore in the evening. It was tremendous journey. Ar and Ham dropped us in Bangalore near to our house. We were touched by their good deed. We thanked them whole heartedly. With a hand shake and smile on our face we said fair well. We can never forget them. When we reached home Pu asked me “tell me Snl how come you didn’t ask Ham to show me ID card, license bla bla…? Guess this is the first time you didn’t act like Roza Pinto!!”. I said “When we were boating in the morning I saw her and I felt she is remembering her old good days.” Pu said “you and your sick psychology!!”.

For the first time on our own on an adventurous journey without any male specie around we had fun. May be next time we can plan for international tour:)

  1. Gaurav says:

    Good going….in one of the pic I could see, someone is really having fun, while two of her friend’s having hard time paddling the boat……!!


  2. @dy says:

    Nice place to spend a long wknd, infact during my las visit back home, my friend with ICICI recently moved to Chick M’lore had recommended this place, got to plan this commin Dec’ 12.


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