SnL ObservatioN

Posted: October 10, 2012 in My Silly thoughts


-Every time I travel by metro only one thing annoys me to the core, the security checking.  Its not that i am a terrorist and I want to plant a highly explosive bomb in metro. It just that the way they scan ladies that too only front upper part…it’s very irritating.

I still never get the point of scanning only that part. They take the instrument and move in upper-front-part of ladies. Will any lady will carry the bomb or highly explosives close to their heart(in front of heart to be more clear)? Or the women securities are forgetting that ladies do have other body parts?  Old Indian ladies are famous for carrying their purse somewhere close to their heart. I know it’s a safe place to hide your valuables. Even though it looks awkward when ladies put their hand in THERE and remove the purse ..still they don’t care. But it doesn’t mean that they will keep a bomb in between the valley. If by any chance any ladies carry the bomb there trust me it might blast even before plating on the targetJ


-In bullock cart the bull rider has a tactic to handle the bulls. Professional bull rider neither takes a stick nor beats the bull. He just touches bull’s bum and tickles it. When bull cant take the sweet torture it runs. This is not funny. Next time you see a professional bull rider in a bullock cart without a stick observes his every move. You will smile when you see his hand moving towards bulls bum.



-I observe this funny thing in every young couple. Gal and boy walk hugging each other. Boy’s one arm around girl’s waist and girls around boy’s waist. There won’t be space between their bodies. Wonder how they walk clinging to each other. Girl will be saying something and guy instead of listing to his dove will be exploring her parts of body with his free hand. His hand will explore all parts except …. I can’t control and start giggling seeing this drama on the road. Wonder why this love and affection won’t be there after marriage.

I will be back soon with more SNL observation

  1. R says:

    you are hilarious SNL ! I dont think I can stop laughing… today..


  2. wilson says:

    even i have observed d third one. really dnt know how they r able to walk with that posture. even in buses they sit with hands around the other!! really wonder in what way it is comfortable in this hot sun..


  3. Gaurav says:

    Bull thing is really minute one, i think you had long ride on bullock cart…so you observed so minute thing…frisking at Airport/Metro station or even at Malls, really sucks, and i find all those guys “Gay”…!!There is a lot about couples, if you know someone who is dating some one, just listen what they talk, really so freaking funny for me, they talk bullshit man….!!


    • sylvia says:

      Na i am not really bullock cart type so never traveled in one. But i did observe the bull rider torturing the bull…..Ohhh…looks like u had baaaaaaaaaaaad experience with security guys:)


      • Gaurav says:

        I did not say that you are bullock cart type…, I don’t have bad experience with security ppl, but you need to be alert with their hand movement….!!


  4. Deekshith Shetty says:

    Wahaaa…..nice to read this type of blog’s !!! Keep it up baby !!!


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