I Will Wait Till The End…..Chapter 1

Posted: October 15, 2012 in STORY
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“From where you are coming Jenny?”

Jenny startled to hear her father’s angry voice.

She turned and saw her father boiling with anger. Then she looked at her mother who looked bit tensed.

Jenny tucked her hair behind her ears looked at her dad.

Her father said “I asked you a question young lady.  And I am expecting an answer right now”.

Jenny looked at her mother. She knew by then something is wrong.

She said in a low voice “from Rachel’s home. She had birth day party…”

Her dads voice interrupted her “Is this Rachel is HE or SHE?

Jenny looked confused. She said “you know her dad, She’s Piyad techers daughter who is your colleague.

Her father said “ohh, then shes the one who was hugging you right front of my house!!! She almost looked like guy to me!!!”

Jenny said “no dad, It was Adi from my class he just dropped me”

Her father said “This is the culture I taught you?Tell me. Your mother and I work like donkeys so that you can study and be independent. And what you do? Roam with guys hug them and kiss them?.This is the trendz now?You think those freaky colored hair and zig zag hair cut hair you look cool?In this yoyo style?Today only hug and tomorrow what? French kiss? What with you young generationcant you see how musch your parent are struggling to give good education to you? If any problem comes you say “if you cant take care of the kids then don’t give birth to them!!!”

Jenny lost her calm and said “what happned to you dad?why you are acting so strange. It was only a hug that’s all. He is my friend and I just hugged him, no big deal in that. Don’t you trust me?”.

Her dad stared at her and said “When you have grown up daughter you will understand. When a daughter leaves home in the morning her father start praying to all angels and saint to protect her. And when she comes back in the evening he relaxes”. I don’t want to argue with you. This is it. Tomorrow be rady at 10. A guy is coming to see you.

Jenny was divested to hear that. She said “you cant do this to me dad, I want to do my MBA. You just can’t marry me off. “then she turned towards her mother and said “come on mom tell dad, this is not fair. Hes ruining my life”. Roslie looked at her daughter helplessly and then at her husband.

She took her courage and said “Listen Mark,Let her study…”

Mark said “If you want to see your daughter to get pregnant before marriage then I have no objection”.


Jenny looked at her husband who looked serious. She just wondered why army men are always serious. She was tired standing and smiling at every tom-Dick-Harry. She felt this wedding ceremony never going to end. Worms crying in her stomach made her realized it was in the noon she had her lunch. It was 9 in the night now. She badly wanted to have her dinner but with relatives rushing to wish the newly wedded couples it looked impossible.

She looked at her father who looked relaxed as if he is free man now. How she hated her father. She looked at her father-in-law. He looked very serious in black 3 piece suit. Neatly trimmed moustache was proof of his discipline. She then looked at her mother-in-law. She is a charming lady Jenny thought.

Jenny thought yesterday I was miss and today I am mrs. She still remember how she wanted to run from her house when Ron Jenny had come to see her

She was getting ready when a car was pulled in front of her house gate. Her father went to greet the guest. The guy along with his father and mother had come to see her. She was terrified when she came to know that Ronann and his father both are in Indian Army. He had a elder brother who had passed few years back while he was on duty in Army.

In other circumstance she would have liked Ronann. He was tall and well built. His hair was neatly cut and there was no extra growth of hair on his face. She trembled seeing Ronann. If the guy says “Yes” then even she has to follow the house hold discipline she taught. How she wanted to run to Himalaya with her bag pack then.

Ronann didn’t ask her any question. He just said “I am posted in Delhi. Most of the time I will be away but my parent will be always around”. Jenny looked at Mr.Lewis and she shivered even more. He looked worse than her father.


Her mother pinched her and she came back to reality. Her mother said “listen to me Jenny, Listen to your in-laws. From now they are your mother and father. Obey them and be submissive to your husband”.

Jenny said “like how you are submissive to your husband?”

Her mother said “its not the time to argue, listen to whatever your husband says”.

Jenny said “I am not like you mom, I will do what is right. I am hungry let me have my dinner mom. You don’t worry about me just follow your darling husbands command”.

Roslie wiped her eyes seeing her daughter disappearing with her husband


  1. Gaurav says:

    you made Dad as really heartless person,…..i don’t think Dad’s are like that, not with the daughters for sure….!!


  2. Gaurav says:

    I always thought, stories are inspired by your surrounding/ppl and experience you get in day to day life………..!!


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