Guys are Changing!!!!!

Posted: October 18, 2012 in My Silly thoughts
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I love this new generation. One has to think twice before calling a human being he or she. Girls dress like guys first two button undone, bob hair, and guys dress like girls; long hair, compact on face and eye-liner to eyes .

I was walking other day on the road when a guy took out his lip balm and applied. After a while again he applied. Guess his lips were still dry. Wow I thought, guys are changing. Soon they will be applying lipstick like girls. I am sure lipstick will be matching their t-shirt, shoes and bike color.

We all know all girls rot in beauty parlor shaping their eye brows. Well shaped eye brows garbs your attention which was the observation done by new generation guys. Now even guys rot in beauty parlor shaping their eyebrows and ….. But trust me shaping eye brows is not macho thing. It looks sad and gives the impression that guy is turning in to gay and then girl.

Fully waxed hand and legs is trade mark of ladies. Looks like men are steeling the trade mark now. Along with legs and arms they wax their body. Are guys are competing with girls I don’t know.

Day is no far away when guys will wear  G-string instead of their boxers or underpants. All the best guys, Its happy to know somebody is following us. Welcome to the ladies world guys:)

  1. Gaurav says:

    Other than fashion and style, you should also explore the other side…..!!


  2. DBC says:

    Absolutely true… Eyebrows to toe, blue shirt to pink one… they’re gradually turning into Gays and gals..


  3. Navee says:

    As it happened U wrote it here, One day may come, u girls would become Lesbians as u wont find opposite sex !! Better babes allow us to follow u, but not ur world 😛 dangerous to both !!


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