I Will Wait Till The End…..Chapter 3

Posted: October 25, 2012 in STORY
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Its not that Jenny wanted to fight with her husband, its just that she doesn’t wanted to listen to everything he ordered. She remembered her mother who listened to each and every word of her father. Her eyes filled with tears when she remembered her dad. She wiped her tears and stared at her husband’s back.  She chuckled seeing Dexter glaring her. She liked the dog. He was cute little thing. She got down slowly from the bed and walked towards the dog. Dexter wagged his tail in welcome. Jenny sat in front of him and patted his head. She said “You are so cute little thing, tell me your masters secret”. Dexter stared at Jenny wondering how he can please his mistress. When Jenny’s eyess filled with tears Dexter jumped into Jenny’s lap and started licking her face. She slowly said “You do the same thing when he is sad?”. Dexter looked at his master who was snoring and started barking. Without opening his eyes Ron said “Go to bed Dexxy boy, will play tomorrow”. Jenny smiled seeing the dog on her lap. It was late night when she finally fell asleep Dexter on her lap.

Somebody was touching her shoulder and telling her to open her eyes. Jenny tried to move but the weight on her lap made it impossible. She thought going back to sleep is the best thing and closed her eyes. It was then she felt somebody was sprinkling water on her face she opened her eyes and said “what the hell?”. When she saw Ron’s face she closed her mouth and scrubbed her forehead in tension. Ron smiled at her and said “I didn’t know that you will choose Dexter over me…”. Jenny said “Why did you wake me up Ron, I am sure not to tell me how adorable Dexter looked in my lap!”. Ron patted Dexters head and said “its time you get ready for the jogging..”. Jenny said “you go Ron, Take Dexter if you want but…”.Ron pulled jenny to her feet and said “get dressed, I don’t have time to entertain you”. Jenny got angry, she stood in front of him and said “what’s with you army boy..” when she was thinking what to say next  Ron pulled her to bath room and on the shower. Ron said “we army guys have our own method of dealing with stubborn people, get used to it”. Ron closed the door on her face and said “you have 15 minutes”. Left alone Jenny thought she made a big mistake marrying Ron. If the bath room had a big window she would have escaped from there she thought.  Jenny stood there shivering in the water.

When she came out of the bath room in her jogging suit Ron said “you are quick, come on now”. Jenny followed her husband without uttering a single word. She disliked Ron now. She cursed him . Ron closed the mesh door after Jenny and said “Dexter will be back soon, wait here”. Jenny said “He doesn’t come to jog?”. Ron looked at the dog and said “sometimes, even other guys get their dog so I prefer not to take Dexter. He gets hyper seeing the other dog”. Jenny stood there watching Dexter. His greedy eyes were focused on her. Ron already crossed the road and said “come on ..”. Jenny opened the meshed door and said “it’s the time you find a girlfriend “. Ron stood there watching his wife coming with Dexter. He wanted to scold Jenny but seeing her with his beloved dog he smiled.

As soon as Jenny entered the ground she felt she is going to faint. She never thought she can find handsome studs at 5.30 in the morning. She felt all are crazy. When her eyes rested on her father–in-law she got goose bumps. He looked more serious now. She wished him and asked about her mother-in-law. He ignored her questions and said “I told Ron to let you sleep; but he never listens to anyone”. Jenny stared at her husband who was winking at her, she wanted punch him right on his nose.

Dexter started jumping seeing another dog. Her father in law said “Lt. Sunil  Tyagi, nice to see you, meet my daughter-in-law”. Jenny smiled at the elderly man and asked about his dog. His Dalmatian Pinkies eyes were fixed on Dexter. Jenny smiled seeing the sparks in Dexter’s eyes.

She was still observing her new surrounding when Ron pulled her and said “its time to jog, leave the dog alone”. Jenny started following her running husband. In first round she was with them. From second round she started lagging behind. When Ron, her father-in-law completed the 10th round she was still in her 8th round.  They both were standing and watching her. She held her stomach and said “give me water Ron”. Her father-in-laws sharp voice made her tremble “no water when you jog”. Jenny was thinking that they will show mercy on her and make her stop but when they didn’t she started cursing father and son both.

She was just few meters away from finishing line when she felt earth is moving , she could hear some sound far away and when she closed her eyes her legs give up and she collapsed on the ground.

When she opened her eyes she found Dexter licking her face , Ron laughing at her and father-in-law Lt Lewis was staring at her. When she sat Her father-in-law said “you don’t have stamina kid, you need more food and more…”. Jenny’s eyes were filled with tears. She looked at Ron who was still laughing at her. She got up and looked at her father-in-law and said “ Sure Lt Lewis I never imagined that one day I have to run 10 rounds, if I would have known I would have prepared myself!!!!” With that said Jenny ran away, Dexter followed her. Her cheeks were wet with tears.

When she reached her house she locked herself in the bath room. After 5 minutes Ron banged the door and said ”come out Jenny we need to talk”. Jenny said “I don’t want to talk to you Ron, leave me alone”. Ron said “open the door Jenny or else I will break it open”. Jenny knew Ron meant every word her husband said. She opened the door and came out. Ron looked at her and said “You need to apologies to my father, nobody talks to him that way!!”.

Jenny closed the distance between her and Ron. She said “if you want me to jump from Eiffel tower I will jump but never in my life I will run those bloody 10 rounds. Lt Lewis is crazy…..”. Ron held Jennys hand in his and pulled her towards him and said “tell anything to me but not to my dad”. His unsteady breath said that he was angry. Jenny said with a slow voice “hope one day you stand for me in the same way”. She was tempted to kiss Rons nose tip. His nose was even redder now. She controlled her temptation and pulled her hand from Rons hand. She walked out of the room, out of the house. Away from her husband where she can breath for a while


  1. Navee says:

    Boring yaar… 😦 give a twist or at least two fun touches…


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