Ethnic Wear Pain In The A..!!!

Posted: October 27, 2012 in My Silly thoughts

After ethnic day celebration in my office I was exhausted, seriously. How I wished I was a guy that day. Wear anything and enter the office. People wont utter a word. If you wear that transparent dhoti and white shirt people complements you even though your extra grown hair make you puke. Underpants dark color will be sometimes helps to get more compliments. But if you are a lady then trust me you have to wear sari else people doesn’t even look at you. If that was the only thing it wouldn’t have been that tough. But ladies have to take care of other minute thing life BF is not peeping out, navel is covered and other parts and things are not visible.

As I didn’t wanted to feel neglected I wore a cute kurtha like me and for the first time got ready like a chick. Pu looked at me and said “mark my words you will be praised head to toe”. I blinked my eyes like Loly 10 times and said “really?”. When I got into the cab my office folks gave a stare. That was just start. As soon as I reached I got compliments saying “looks cute….bla bla”. Whenever I got a compliment I bend my head 30 degree and blinked my eyes 100 times and said “thank you” nicely. Was that easy? No. That’s moment I realized the pain ladies have to go through. To maintain make up, and cuteness every five minutes you have to go to wash room. Apply coat of lipstick, comb hair, apply mascara….Oh boy that’s pain in the A** and sucks big time”. You have to maintain the cuteness throughout the day. Neither coffee break nor pee break. Few of my colleagues wore sari. I really felt sorry for them thinking about how they will manage in the washroom. One wrong moment and bingo sari inside the commode. I didn’t even dare to think what happens next!!!!!How my colleagues missed Indians toilets then

How lucky are the boys can finish their business standing. Wear dhoti or pants doesn’t even matters. Ladies have this one and only one point to envy guys. Sorry not only one, second one. First one is guys don’t have uterus. Lucky creatures don’t have to carry a baby for 9 months!!!!!

  1. Chandini says:

    ‘One wrong moment and bingo sari inside the commode’ you are def overreacting lady!


  2. Gaurav says:

    Sari is not that bad i think…this is problem with gls, who don’t know how to handle it…!!


  3. swathi says:

    ha ha ha…so u r a tomboy 🙂


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