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Posted: October 29, 2012 in My Silly thoughts
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I hardly can keep my eyes open not because of last night’s imaginary hangover but because of my return journey to Bangalore. As I didn’t get the seat I had to be happy with the last, double sleeper.  Even though I hate those double sleeper I didn’t had ANY choices.

My bro kept the luggage and asked me “there is no separator between the double sleeper ?” . I smiled and said “unfortunately no. sad thing for 2 total strangers who are traveling, good thing for married couple who never misuses the opportunity and mind blowing thing for UN-married couple who can continue their unfinished job”. Before I could give more info on the double-sleeper my niece said “checkchy” and jumped on me. I looked at her and thought how I am going to miss beating her.

After saying good night 10 times to my niece I sat on my seat which was unfortunately double sleeper. Again I wonder which insane moron will come and occupy the adjacent sleeper. Last time when I traveled in double sleeper I was fed up waking up the lady and telling her to move bit that side”. May be she thought I am her husband and started cuddling me. My ever-alerted brain made me sleep at the extreme end. The lady got up around 4 in the morning and said “We reached Mangalore?” I just asked “is this the first time you are traveling by Sugama?”. As a frequent traveler to Mangalore I know the fact that Sugama never reaches Mangalore before 6. Lady continued peeping outside into dark and telling the same thing. How I wanted to throw out of the window and close the matter right there.

When my bus reached Mangalore lady came and occupied the adjacent seat. As she looked well cultured, with laptop and well dressed I relaxed a bit thinking “she-cant-rob-my-overfilled bag”.  As the bus moved with speed I closed my eyes and drifted to sleep. I didn’t even sleep for 30minutes when my so called seat-partner started rolling. Sometimes this side and that, almost all possible angels. She occupied ¾ seats. How I wanted to spank her and say “lady you are not in your house to role360 degree and stop occupying my seat”. Instead with my bag I pushed her. When I got no reaction I kept my leg on her. Its then she moved bit that side. After 2 hours she woke me up and said “can you see my phone”. How can I? I was sleeping like a dog!!!. My brain went numb listening to her query. When it resumed its functioning I said “ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh” which ended up with big yawn. She said “give me miss call”. I did as she asked and she smiled and said “here it is, sorry for disturbing you”. I said “its ok no problem” and went back to sleep.  Around midnight bus stops so that people can attend their nature call. She woke me up. I got up wondering what she lost this time. She said “I have to go to washroom, can you move a bit”. As I was at the rear end she had to cross me and go. I moved aside and made space for her.  After a while she came back and bus started. It was dawn when she woke me up and said “looks like I can never stop disturbing you”. I said “it’s ok what now?” She said “my stop came”. I smiled and said “BYEEEeeeeeeeee”, which ended with a smile

When finally I reached Bangalore I was exhausted.  I am never ever going to travel in double sleeper. They suck big time that too when you travel with total stranger. It’s more pathetic when you get a lesbian/gay, rolling expert, farting expert and thief as your seat-partner. I know still haven’t encounter those lesbian kind. But if I keep on travelling on double sleeper I am sure even that check box will be checked!!!

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