Posted: December 18, 2012 in My Silly thoughts
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This is the first time I am giving a useful tip for all boys

“Hey guys, when you get ready to go somewhere after spraying deodorant for the tenth time you admire yourself in the mirror. And  what you see? Do you see a guy dressed up in “Ready to kill” attire? Or a formally dressed incredible stud? Or a cool dude? Before start whistling seeing the mirror image, observe carefully whether two tiny dots are killing the breath taking view. I have seen plenty of guys exposing their two tiny dots either side of their chest without any hesitation. I just observe and think “its high time garment factories start manufacturing 2 string shield for guys”. I am sure that guys will expose the strings to the whole world with pride, like how they are exposing their underpants.

When you wear white dhoti on the ethnic day, think 100 times before standing in hot sun. if you do, I am sure your female colleagues will never forget the color of your underpants.

Don’t ignore my tip, its useful. I am sure one day you will smile and say “thank you SnL for your free tip”


(Those are waiting for the story please have some patience, will update soon. Extremely sorry for the in-connivance. Snl is busy coughing and working )

  1. loly says:

    Extremely sorry for the in-connivance. SPELLINGSS AGAINN…. GRRRRRR …


  2. Gaurav says:

    The two dots thing is not at all true…!! I don’t know how you came to this…:P, Dhoti is good one..!!


  3. Vinay R Rao says:

    Enella observe maadtye Sylamma 😛


  4. Wilson Kinnigoli says:

    tiny dots r really very very rare i think.. dhoti one is nice…


  5. DBC says:

    Good observation.. Bow to you


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