I Will Wait Till The End…..Chapter 6

Posted: December 20, 2012 in STORY

Jenny kept her bags on the bed and walked towards the window.  She pushed the curtain aside and opened the window. The early mornings chilly wind made her pull her shawl more tightly around her shoulder. Dexter rubbed his back to her leg. She touched dogs head and said “I know, you miss him. Even I miss me even though I don’t want to.” One look at the room and she realized she was in Ron’s room. She saw Ron standing with a small kid with his arms around his shoulder. She looked at the smiling boys more carefully. Ron looked much younger than the other boy. Her mother-in-law walked in and said “I couldn’t take of the photos. When I feel bored or lonely I come and sit here. Shawn’s and Ron’s childhood memories are filled here. You take this room Zenny, it’s the best room in the house”. Zenny walked towards her mother-in-law and touched her shoulder and said “thank you”.



It was a month since Ron was gone. Zenny missed him every minute and she fail to understand why. When Mr. Lewis realized that his daughter-in-law is finding hard to spend the time alone in the house he spoke to his officers and made arrangements for Zenny to work in his office.

Zenny found hard to work around all aged senior people. As time passed she got used to it. Early morning she used to jog with her father-in-law and Dexter. Then help her mother-in-law with house hold chores. Then she used to leave with her fathe-in-law to office and in the evening she used to stretch late till 7. Slowly Mr Lewis started to converse with her.

As time passed she became close to her father-in-law. Mr Lewis, she and her mother-in-law used to sit till late night and talk. Once Her mother-in-law goes to bed, Mr Lewis used to pour him a stiff drink of whiskey and wink at Zenny giving her the wine glass. She loved spending time with Ron’s parents. One night they were having their usual talk and Mr Lewis told her about Shawn.  All Zeeny got to know was he was in army like Ron. He went on assignment to field and he never came back alive. That’s all his father-in-law told her. Even though she had her question she kept to herself.

She found her work interesting. She met some handsome guys in the office who were trying to flirt with her until she showed them her wedding ring. With passing every day she missed only one person to the most and he was Ron. She got more attached to Dexter. Even though she was angry with her dad, she had called him and spoke to him. They called her home and she refused to go.

It was one night when she was fast asleep and she woke up for the sound coming from the study. When she slowly went and checked it was some masked men going through some documents. Before she knew what she was doing she started shouting. She caught one thief by collar. She hurt her arm when the theif pushed her and escaped.

It was next dat she was working in office when she got a courier. When she unwrapped the cover she found bunch of red roses with a message “Heard you fought with a theif, Looks like I married an army lady. Take care, Love, your army boy”. She had looked at the message for several times. All she wanted was to be with Ron.

It was one fine evening she was walking back home when some guy whistled at her. Without turning back she said “oh boy, you are pretty late, I am married”. Its then a male voice said “I know, I know, I came looking for my wife”. When Zenny looked around she saw Ron’s smiling face. He looked more handsome in his army uniform she thought. She walked towards him slowly and said “are you sure, you are looking for your wife?”. Ron closed the distance and opened his arms and said “I am sure babes”. Zenny directly walked into his arms, wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him on his lips. Ron whispered in her ears “I missed you, hell I missed you. I missed kissing you”. Zenny giggled and said “and I missed fighting with you”. Ron said “I heard Mr Lewis is buying more wine bottle for his daughter-in-law!! Are you casting your spell on him?” Zenny tapped his cheek and said “I am irresistible army boy, You won’t understand”.



With Ron back again she moved back to Ron’s house with Dexter. She realized that she is in love with her husband. They spent time together. They talked about their childhood, friends and work. She was head over heels in love with her husband.

One night she was fast asleep in their master bedroom inRon’s arms when she heard some sound from ground floor. She looked at Dexter who was staring at her. She said “come on, we both can handle this, let him sleep”. She picked the torch and tied the rob belt around her waist more tightly. She walked slowly down the steps with Dexter. Zenny knew its by then it’s some strangers in Ron’s study. Before Zenny could go and wake up Ron Dexter started barking. Zenny knew something bad going to happen. She walked towards the study and saw the strangers  pointing the gun at  Dexter. Before she could say or do anything they fired the at Dexter. When Zenny saw her beloved Dexter collapsed to the ground she got furious and plunge at the robbers. Before she could reach them they fired at her. She felt her head taking round and rounds before it came to rest on the floor. With great difficulty she opened her eyes and looked at Ron, who was holding her head in his arms. Zenny said “I am going kill those son of Bas*** Ron. Mark my words”

When she opened her eyes she was in hospital. Some nurses were holding the scissors and trying to get rid of her night gown which was clotted with blood. She tried to sit and said “Before you touch me, get my husband here.” Her head was aching and she couldn’t feel her arm. She knew it bullet was still in there. A nurse tried to move closer to her and she gave her “come-near-I-will-kill-you” look. The nurse hurried outside. When she came back Ron was there. He was holding her hand and was saying some soothing words. Zenny said “hows Dexter Ron?Tell me he is in operation theater, tell me he is fighting for life, Tell me Ron please tell me”. Ron held her hand more tightly and said “Let them operate you Zenny, you are bleeding”. Zenny held Rons hand and said “where is Dexter?tell me now!”. Ron looked into her eyes and said “he is gone Zenny, we couldn’t save him”. Before Zenny could say anything a nurse injected some medicine into her nerves and she drifted back to sleep


(Who were those robbers?This story going to continue without a dog?oh man Dexter shouldn’t have died. I cried while writing…sad…very sad……yet another sad story???)

  1. Chandini says:

    Hmmm!!! Good going ….
    A scene from movie ek tha tiger popped in my head when I read…. Indian army confidential info is with Ron n his dad so their house z scrutinized.
    Just hoping that this story is not so predictable 🙂


  2. loly says:

    Babe.. Wen did Jenny become Zenny.. u forgot ur own characters..Wakee Upp


  3. Sahana says:

    Syl….. I was abt to ask the same question as Loly.


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