My Un-Forgettable Christmas Holidays(2012)……Part2

Posted: January 9, 2013 in My Silly thoughts

One minute she is in one room, second minute she is in the bath room turning taps and third minute she is missing. Oh man, she doesn’t know to sit in one place. She runs and makes others run in search of her. She stumbles on the floor but instead of crying she gets up and runs again. I stand there watching her short hair fly for the breeze and I smile. I pinch her bum and she gives me those ugly “bite-your-bum” look and I run never looking back.

AWL adores his daughter. I never saw my bro so cool and patience with babies. He feeds her showing cows, cats and dogs. When she want to poop she calls “esha kakka coming” I look at my bro and say “it’s your call”. He sings some old song for her to sleep. When AL listens to his son singing for his daughter to sleep, he winks at me and says “guess what, all crows died listening to him” and I giggle. I look at my dad and think is he is the same Hitler who used to boss over me? After feeding his daughter AWL cleans her face and she runs round and round. I look at her yell at dogs and birds and think if she was my daughter I would have tied her to a table. After sometimes she says “I want grapes, I want ice cream, I want chocki…….”. And my brother listens to her carefully and gives her milk bottle.

When FL saw me handling AL she said “you are no baby sitter but baby eater”, wheres your patience? where’s your soft voice?. I look at my mom and then at AL. Then in a strange baby voice I say “AL baby, what you want”. She looks at me and then runs to her grand mom saying “esha beating me”. I look at her bum and my hands itch to pinch.

No matter how much I irritate her still she wants me to my side. When I wear my slippers,she gets her slippers and says “esha wait, I will come”. When I am not there she goes to my room and digs in my bag. When I catch her red hand digging my bag she runs to her mom with super speed and says “esha beating me”. After sometimes she comes back and wraps her arms round my neck and says “potato baji esha”. With her heart beating against my back all I want to do is kiss her cheeks thousand times. She slowly puts her fingers inside my nose and says “eshas nose”. Other day Pu had come home and she bought 4 chocalates for her. From that moment Pu became her favorite aunt. PU susu coming, Pu hold me, Pu lift me and I just stared at my niece.

Sometimes she pushes her bum back and farts loudly. Then smilingly she tells “AL farted”. Sometimes I wonder from where she picked those moves. She twists her dolls hands and legs and pulls out the cotton with her 4 bunny teeth. Small girl are supposed to play with dolls and what the heck AL is doing? Torturing the dead doll to its grave!!!!

When I was leaving  to Bangalore all I wanted her to kidnap her in my bag. With heavy heart I hugged her and kissed her on the cheek. When I pinched her bum she showed her forefinger at me and said “hey”. I stood there watching her wondering whether she really wanna be SnL or already 2 steps ahead of SnL!!!!!!!!!!

  1. Vinay R Rao says:

    I am sure AL’s bum would have turned deep red by now with all ur pinching !!! 😉
    Paapa her!!!


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