Dear HUSband

Posted: January 11, 2013 in My Silly thoughts

This is a letter written by a wife who was miserable over her husband being lazy, psycho and ass hole


Dear Loving Husband


How are doing today? I guess this question is not necessary, the way you are snoring with your ass up and mouth open I am sure you are doing great. When I hear that fart noise you make once in a while envy you. How can you sleep so carefree?

Here’s a mail which I drafted to you but never sent. HOPE, I just HOPE that one day you will spy my inbox and read it. And I know that the day will never come. Your laziness is killing you.

I still remember our wedding day. It was a memorable day. I can never forget it. You wearing black shoes, black suit….i remember everything. But do you remember what color nail polish I was wearing. Forget about that at least can you tell me what I cooked day before yesterday?. No you cant, long back you have stopped noticing me. When I take time to look my best you complain saying “I take 10 minutes to dress up while you take hours, whats with you ladies?”. Do you know draping a sari around your ass, taking up the fleets is how difficult?. Ladies loves to look at their best when they know there’s somebody to admire them. But you notice everyone except me. What color string attached clothing neighbor lady wore, how pretty your friend wife looked. Hello, did you ever notice that what color sari your wife is wearing? Did marriage spoil you or your fast growing laziness? The way your beer belly is growing I just wonder whether you are carrying a baby!!!

When I came to this house newly wedded I was so happy. You helped me with my household work. While you chopped the vegetables I cleaned the fish, while you chopped the chicken leg I chopped the onions. You never complained once. When I was pregnant with our daughter you were so happy. You took care of me as if I am a queen of some kingdom. Days passed and you changed. You started escaping from house hold work. When I used to bring the vegetables you used to ignore me as if I am irritating mosquito and continue watching cricket. How I wanted to break the TV then. You never washed our daughter bum, you used to run whenever she used to cry. Its only mother duty to take of the children. You just donate your tailed sperm and your work is done? How I want to shout at you when you leave all household work to me

When our daughter was 2 years old you bought a Pomeranian puppy promising you will take care of it. Did you ever take the dog for walk? Do you at least remember how he looks like? You even remember his name?

When I come to bed after washing utensils, cleaning the kitchen dead tired around 11, you wink at me and look at the bed. Without complaining I co-operate even though I am sleepy and tired. How I want to pour a glass of water on your face at 5 in the morning and yell “get up you ass, help me as I helped you”. But without uttering a word I prepare tea, breakfast and your tiffin. When make our daughter get ready you shout from your room wheres my underpants? wheres my socks? How I want to tell you “go without wearing them”. But still I come and search them for you. Sometimes you act like an ant in the water. Oh my loving husband when you will improve.

When there’s cricket match in TV you stick to the that couch and watch every over, every ball without missing the advertisement. You even don’t care to see whether our daughter is doing her homework or not.

As a natural action I get my monthly cramps and I suffer with pain. But still I take care of you without cribbing. But when you get slight cold you act as if you have undergone some kidney transplant operation. When I yell at you to keep the room clean you mock at me saying “you are suffering from PMS(Post menstrual syndrome ). Oh your poor mentality, when you will grow.


When your parents come to visit us, they point out my silliest silly mistake. They never see me as their daughter and its fine by me. But at least they can be nice to me right. but no, they being parents of ass hole they monitor my every move. How i wish to run somewhere far and never come back!!!

Its not that I don’t love you, it just I want you to co-operate me, guide me and be there when I need you the most. Why cant you be understanding instead of being such an ass hole

With hope filled with my heart that one day you will change and renovate I end this letter.


Lots of hugs, kisses and spanks

Your darling wife:)

  1. Harsha Aithal says:

    Who inspired you for this content ?????


  2. swathi says:

    nice one!!


  3. Gaurav says:

    Hard on Husbands…huhhh..!! its not about husbands, you need to see the other side, they are caring, but will never let you know, and i can assure you if he changes then too wife will be cribbing about why you changed, so its very common, that does not make them insensitive and inhuman..:P


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