I Will Wait Till The End…..Chapter 8

Posted: January 17, 2013 in STORY

Jenny thought she is the happiest woman in the world, loving in-laws and adoring husband she was on cloud number 9. Every free minute she spent with Ron listening to his field stories. Evening they used to go for long walk with RJ and Ron.

As Jenny’s arm was healed she started going to office with Ron. Whenever Ron was free he used to pop in front of Jenny and she had tough time concentrating on her work. Even though Mr Lewis found it bit annoying he didn’t utter a word as his only son was happy.

Whenever Ron was free he used to drag Jenny to the public library in campus. While everybody used to sit and read Ron used to occupy the corner seat and do romance with his wife. He knew he wont have much time with his wife so he tried his level best to spend every minute, every second with his wife. No matter how much time he spent with Jenny he felt it’s not enough. The scar on her arm reminded every minute the tragedy she went through.

One fine day he was working in his office when his dad entered his office. One look at his dad and he knew he had to leave for his assignment. Mr Lewis looked at his son for a long time and said “you can say no to this Ron, there are other soldiers who can take up your place. Indian army is strong and they can easily handle this situation. “. Ron looked at his father for a long time and said “how can you say that dad, you sound like a selfish father. My dad was never selfish!! What happened to you? Mr Lewis said “yes I am being selfish. I can’t see my wife crying everyday over her dead son. I cant see her crying anymore Ron”. Ron walked towards his dad and hugged him tightly and said “even I miss Shawn but doesn’t mean that I should escape from my responsibility right. Be strong dad I will come back”.

When Ron went to Jenny’s office she was waiting for him. She greeted him with a smile. Ron thought how he will miss seeing his wife’s smile. He walked towards her and took her by arm and started walking.  Jenny was telling something and Ron was listening to her very carefully. He was noticing everything about her very carefully, her smile, the sparks in her eyes, the way she pushed her hair behind her ears, and the way she looked at him. His heart ached thinking how much he is going to miss her. When they reached home he said “go and get RJ, I want to take you somewhere. Jenny smiled at her husband and said “wow I like surprises”.

When the car stopped  few miles away from their house Jenny got from the car with RJ in her hand. She said “Wow this is pretty isn’t it?, may be we can sit behind some bush” and winked at Ron. Ron controlled his laugh said “sure”. It was a botanical garden. Army officers wife were walking with their kids. Colorful plants were everywhere. Jenny kept RJ on the lawn and he started chasing the butterflies.

Ron and Jenny sat on the nearby bench. Ron held his wife’s hand and said “I have to leave on assignment Jenny. This time I don’t know when I will be back.” Ron could feel his wife’s grip on his arm change. He waited for her to say something but when she didn’t say anything he continued “This time I am going with heart filled with your love. No matter what happens remember this I always love you no matter what. He forced her to see his face. He wiped her tears and said “I love you with my whole heart, mind and soul. Promise me you will wait for me? Jenny looked straight into his eyes and said “I will wait till the end” and she pressed her lips to his temple. Ron wrapped his arms around her and said “promise me Jenny you will wait till your last breath no matter what?”.Jenny kissed his eyes and said “I promise Ron I will wait till the end”. Ron pushed her hair from her face and said “promise me Jenny you will love me and only me no matter what”. Jenny said “I promise Ron, I will love you and only you no matter what”. Saying that she pressed her lips to his. Even though in his pain Rom smiled because of the promise his wife made. He knew it His wife will never break those promise intentionally. He deepened the kiss when he realized how he going to miss kissing his wife.


(looks like story is going in the same sequence Chand predicted…. and i feel guilty…what you think gonna happen next?do tell me)

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