I Will Wait Till The End…..Chapter 9

Posted: January 19, 2013 in STORY

When Ron was ready with his bags to leave Mr Lewis said “see you soon son, don’t make us wait for long”. Ron hugged his father and said “sure sir”. Ron hugged his mom and kissed her on her forehead and said “take care mom, don’t worry about me, I will be back soon”.

Ron stood in front of his wife and looked at her. He saw her puffy eyes and his heart ached. He traced his finger around her swollen lips and whispered “oh Jenny, how I will live without you.” He hugged her and inhaled her rosy scent. He took his time to release his wife from his embrace. When he let her go of, Jenny held him more tightly and said ”remember this I will wait for you Ron, come soon”. Her teary eyes told him how she’s trying to control her emotions.

Ron pulled back with all his will and kissed on her forehead and said “I will be back my wife, soon”. He patted RJ’s head and said “take care of my wife buddy” and then he was gone.

Jenny stood there watching her husband leave. Her inner voice yelled at her “stop him, When you can”. She wanted to run behind him and say “don’t leave me alone Ron, I cant stay without you, but she kept quiet like a brave soldiers wife.

She stood there till the van carrying Ron disappeared. Mr Lewis said “come on Jenny, we have to go to office”. When jenny realized Ron wont be there to talk to her like other days her heart ached. She looked at her father-in-law and said “I got severe head ache, ill come to office from tomorrow”. Saying that she left her in-laws and went to her room. She looked at the crumpled bed sheet and she remembered the previous night and she started to cry. She cried even more when she realized Ron is not there to wiper her tears. She slept on Ron pillow and inhaled his shampoo smell. She held his blanket close to her heart . All she remembered was previous night, the night when they became one. She still could feel his hands on her body. She touched her swollen lips and smiled. She rolled on the bed and looked at the wedding pic and traced her finger around Ron cheek. She smiled thinking how his beard pricked her soft skin. She picked the gold chain from the table which Ron had gifted her. Ron had told her never to take off the chain. She put the chain around the neck and looked at the pendent. It was a beautiful angel. Then she looked at the calendar hung on the wall and said “time will pass and you will come soon army boy”

It was July and was raining cats and dogs. Ron Called Jenny regularly and explained how the situation were in border.  Ron said “enemies cant sit without troubling us, war, fight, blood that’s all they want”. Jenny knew it the situation were pretty bad.

Days passed and months rolled but still Ron didn’t come back. She went to office everyday with     Mr Lewis. She prayed for Ron’s safety every day. RJ was now 8 months old. He was a smart dog and never left Jenny’s side. When she used to go to toilet he used to sit outside and wait for her.

It was  mid-August  when Jenny was walking RJ in the ground. She threw the ball in the ground and said “go RJ get it back to mamma”. RJ focused his eyes on the ball and run to catch it. As soon as he caught the ball in his mouth he came back to Jenny wagging his tail. Jenny was smiling when RJ jumped on her and tried to kiss her. She was so lost in RJ she didn’t notice Mr Lewis approaching her. He looked depressed. She knew it something is wrong.

She walked towards her father-in-law and stood there watching him while her heart beat rate increased. She felt whole world go silent and only sound she could hear was her heart beat. Mr Lewis focused his eyes on her face and said “He is not coming back Jenny, they called to inform that he died the death of a brave soldier protecting his country”. Jenny cried and said “this can’t happen, this can never happen,he told he, in fact he promised me that he will come back for me. “. Mr Lewis said “be brave Jenny..”. Before he could finish his sentence Jenny felt like whole world go round and round. She could see RJ watching her carefully. Before she could say anything her head hit the ground.


(oopsy did i kill the hero again???whats wrong with me ?why i keep on writing sad stories????or may be i should stop writing !!!!)

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